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The Success of Book to Film Adaptions: Daisy Jones and the Six

Exploring Daisy Jones and the Six as a successful book to television series adaptation.

The cast of "Daisy Jones and the Six" at Prime Video Series premiere of "Daisy Jones the Six
The cast of "Daisy Jones and the Six" at Prime Video.

Exploring the popular and profitable book which diversified into a Amazon Prime mini-series and how fans are embracing the adaptation.

The Book

Daisy Jones and the Six is a novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid, detailing the rise and fall of a passionate and influential 1970s band brought together by two intense leaders, Billy Dunne, and Daisy Jones. The book was a huge success, becoming a best-selling novel during the pandemic and amassing a huge fan base.

The story was inspired by the success and dynamics within the infamous band ‘Fleetwood Mac’, specifically, the relationship between Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, whose love affair resulted in their most successful album ‘Rumors’.

First, I was really taken with how often in culture there are these men and women who write incredible songs together, but also have somewhat complicated personal relationships. They take their personal life and make art from it. I’m fascinated by it, so I wanted to create a band to explore that further

Taylor Jenkins Reid

The Adaptation

The TV adaptation of the book was announced in 2019, an Amazon Prime limited 10-episode series produced by Reese Witherspoon and her independent production company Hello Sunshine. The show was a commercial success, reaching number one on Amazon Prime’s top ten list.

Fan culture

Since the release, fans have engaged with the adaptation as much as the novel, despite textual and representational differences. When questioning how fans engage with their favourite projects and their adaptations, several factors come into play.

It depends on the reader—how much they love the original work, what they love about it and whether they feel those elements have been honored by the TV series. Also, the degree to which each artform encourages a certain degree of active vs. passive interaction between a work and its audience.

Minnesota Review Staff

An integral component within fan culture is the ability to engage and interact with the media product. Daisy Jones and the Six has offered its audience many usages of both the book and show, specifically through it’s use of live music and an album to accompany the show


A critical aspect of Daisy Jones and the Six is the music that accompanies the band. The book contains original album lyrics, ten tracks, and an official lyric booklet to encapsulate the 70s era of sex, drugs, and love through rock and roll. Once the adaptation was announced, fans were surprised to hear differences in the music as the shows production had employed songwriters.

Changing the songs was “a strategic decision” intended to provide songwriters with the creative freedom to turn Reid’s words into viable tracks.

Bria McNeal

The show diversified into the music market, producing a studio and soundtrack album ‘Aurora’, which was well-received among fans of the show and music lovers, the album reached the number one spot on iTunes.


Since the launch of the book and the series, fans have been incredibly receptive and passionate about the narrative, characters, and music accompanying the show. The shows evocative narrative reminisces on a lost 70s era that saw the advent of those such as Fleetwood Mac, allowing younger audiences a glimpse into a time before them. Daisy Jones and the Six has amassed 1.2 billion views on TikTok, with fans creating their content surrounding the show. Whether it’s fan edits, reposts of their favorite scenes, or outfit appreciations for the era, audiences are using social media platforms to cultivate their appreciation for the show.

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