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‘The Last Of Us’ Episode 3: Fans Spot Hidden Easter Eggs and Subtle References to the Game

The Last Of Us
Image Source: Warner Bros. Television Studios

Another fascinating episode of The Last of Us is available, along with various secret information that intelligent gamers will be able to uncover. The show took a new turn this week and looked into the past of one of the game’s most significant supporting figures. Bill, a survivor who established a complete base in an empty city, was the story’s main character. However, there were still several references to the game’s original plot and gameplay throughout the episode.

The story of Frank and Bill – how they first met, how they came together, and how the duo relates to Tess and Joel – is shown in the different sections. The radio song from episode 1 of The Last of Us also hinted at this relationship. The third episode presents a very emotional story, including HBO’s most significant changes to the original game series. The Last of Us episode 3 has a lot of hidden details, Easter eggs, and references about the first game throughout its 75-minute running time.

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And lastly, The Last of Us episode 3’s final scene has many similarities to the original game. The first is the truck scene in episode 3, where Bill’s truck matches Joel’s in the original game in terms of model and color. The second scenario is when Ellie discovers a cassette recording. Joel plays the cassette and notes that although it was recorded before his time, it is a fantastic song. This scenario also appears in the game, but with different music from the Linda Ronstadt ballad from the Last of Us episode 3.

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