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Strange Super Bowl Commercial Sees Adam Driver Play Alter Egos of Himself

Adam Driver
Image Source: Adam Driver @ Instagram

Adam Driver, who has been nominated for Academy Awards for his roles in movies including BlacKkKlansman and Marriage Story, has suited up to make an appearance in the latest trailer for Squarespace’s upcoming Super Bowl commercial. 

In a Super Bowl commercial for Squarespace on Monday, Adam Driver showed his fantastic acting skills by appearing alongside several alter egos of himself. Companies spend high prices to stand out in the crowd with the biggest celebrities in Hollywood for the Super Bowl’s high-profile ads that broadcast throughout the game. The two-minute video shows Driver’s multiple versions interviewed for a Squarespace advertisement. 

In a Rolling Stone interview, the Star Wars actor said, “I couldn’t be happier to perform this ad with Squarespace and for the Super Bowl.” The cast was enough of a motivation to proceed. Driver, who previously denied the controversies surrounding the ‘Megalopolis’ film’s creation, The advertisement becomes bolder by showing the Drivers moving in a straight line or immediately talking with one another in an office, even if it can look simple through several variations of the exact figure in a still frame.

2023 is anticipated to be a busy year for Driver due to the several initiatives in the works. First, he will play the lead role in 65, a science fiction thriller released in theatres on March 17.

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Adam Driver will continue working with renowned directors in his upcoming two parts, including Michael Mann for Ferrari, in which he portrays the Italian businessman, and Francis Ford Coppola for Megalopolis, a hugely ambitious film described as an epic story of political ambition, brilliance, and conflicted love. The Driver can also be seen in the whole Squarespace advertisement, which will be aired on February 12 during Super Bowl LVII.

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