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Stephen King’s ‘Killer’ TV Adaptation Renewed For Second Season

Another Series of Stephen King’s Killer Series.

George Koroneos/Shutterstock

One of the latest Stephen King TV Adaptations, Mr. Mercedes was a hit.

It follows Bill Hodges (portrayed by Brendon Gleeson). He is a divorced, retired, lonely, and bitter man. And Brady Hartsfield (Harry Treadaway the replacement for the late Anton Yelchin). Who is a broken and emotionally distorted young adult?

A series of personal traumas, including the death of his father and incest, leads to Brady becoming the Mercedes killer.

With a horrific opening scene, this show doesn’t let you give up. The characters will infiltrate your mind and make you question humanity – and King’s own mind for that matter.

Now it’s been renewed for a second season. And the fans are thrilled. The source material is a trilogy of books. Will they make the whole lot?

We morbidly hope so.

The question is; is it a simple television show? Well is it a simple book? Or is it a symbol for the heresy to come in a new reforming country of ‘greatness’.

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