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Snoop Dogg’s Game of Thrones Reaction Video Is The Best On The Internet

Snoop Dogg seems to agree that you know nothing, Jon Snow.

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Since the Game of Thrones finale aired almost a week ago, there has been quite the mix of responses. Anger, sadness, elation, confusion, hope…the emotions of Thronies post-finale have run the gamut. While many fans have taken to the Internet to post about their wishful alternate endings and their reactions to the finale, no one’s reaction video has been quite as entertaining as Snoop Dogg’s.

The ever-eloquent Snoop had a few choice words to say about the final Jon and Dany scene. Spoiler alert: the one where nephew kills aunty.  While it was a poignant scene, Snoop’s reaction to the tense 30 seconds made us crack up.

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Right…did you catch any of that? In case you missed the rapper’s dialogue:

“Bitch ass n***a done killed the queen, cuz. ‘I’m mad cuz. Burn his motherf****** ass. Son of a f******’ b***h.

I know I’m late, I don’t give a f***,’ he slammed. ‘I just got back home and I’m watching this f***** Game Of Thrones. This s*** p*** me off.”

Well clearly we know where Snoop stands on the finale of GoT.

But here’s the real question. Who’s reaction video was better? Snoop Dogg shitting on Jon for killing Dany? Or Gucci Mane discovering the show with his girlfriend post his prison release?

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Maybe a Snoop Dogg x Gucci Mane tag-team commentary of the entire series might appease some of the folks who can’t come to terms the final episode. And if their dual commentary doesn’t assuage audience anger, at least it will make for a few chuckles.

Get Snoop Dogg’s take on a few other global happenings. You won’t be disappointed.

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