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‘Ready Player One’ Book Vs Movie: How Much Did They Change?

Thankfully not much *breathes signs of relief*

Warner Bros.

With the recent release of the new movie Ready Player One, fans feared that the film would differ too much from the dystopian future world of the novel.

Set in a dystopian future, people spend the majority of their time within a virtual-reality-stimulated world called OASIS. After its creator dies, it is revealed that his fortune is left to whoever can find a hidden Easter egg. Poor teen Wade Watts unlocks the first key to its location, making him the key target for an evil corporation also seeking the prize.

Check out the incredible trailer below:

Naturally, a novel set in a future world is subject to the limitations of the movie world, with fans fearing that the film would differ too much from the best-selling novel.

Novelist Ernest Cline was encouraged to adapt his sci-fi mystery novel so that it would be suitable for the big screen. Despite knowing that he would have to make some big cuts, he said: “I was asked to drop  The Distracted Globe or the zero-gravity dance club. That was distressing to me,” Cline told Newsweek, “because I thought it would make for a beautiful set-piece.”

However, when Steven Spielberg came on board and began directing the film he told Cline that ‘cost and executions’ were ‘not problems anymore’ and thus fans can expect to see this ‘beautiful set-piece’ in the film.

With the help of Spielberg and screenwriter Zak Penn, Cline wrote that the film is “breathlessly close to what [he] imaged when writing the novel”.

Despite the assistance from Spielberg, there were still several changes made through this adaption process for the novel to be suitable for the big screen. For example, there is the introduction of new minor bad guys and the good guys (aka The High Five) get more screen time and are more involved in the action.

Thankfully super-fans shouldn’t be too disappointed as the film is said to pay homage to the novel by making very few alterations.

Check out the article below for another new film released this week:

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