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Notorious Serial Killer Charles Sobhraj Wants Hollywood Movie Deal

Sobhraj’s crimes have already been made into a BBC series.

Credit: Roland Neveu/BBC

Sobhraj, a serial killer who terrorised backpackers in South-East Asia in the 1970s has supposedly set his sights on Hollywood, who he wants to make a film about his life and crimes.

Sobhraj murdered at least 12 people and alongside his partner Marie-Andrée Leclerc, although she claimed she had no knowledge of the murders. The pair, along with other accomplices, would drug their victims and steal from them, and sometimes Sobhraj went further and murdered their victims. Their crimes were depicted in the 2021 BBC mini-series The Serpent, starring Tahar Rahim and Jenna Coleman, but now Sobhraj supposedly wants to make a movie deal with Hollywood. He believes that he will be released from prison soon and is releasing a book.

Sobhraj spoke to the Sunday Mirror, stating that: “I’m absolutely innocent in these cases. I’m being released in three to four weeks. If you wish you can come and do an interview and then go back with me on the same flight.” He also wants to speak to Richard Branson, whom he claims he has been in contact with and hopes to strike up a movie deal about his life. 

Credit: Roland Neveu/BBC

If Sobhraj is released from prison, he will be unable to reunite with his partner in crime, as Leclerc passed away from uterine cancer in 1984. At the time of her diagnosis, Leclerc was imprisoned in India for her crimes, but she was allowed to return to Canada, where she was from originally, for treatment.

It is still unknown exactly how many people Sobhraj murdered, the number is thought to be 12, but it could tragically be as high as 24.

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