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Netflix’s “The Perfection” Is Making Viewers Physically Ill

Pretty gross if you ask us.

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The horror-movie genre goes beyond simple jump scares and creepy music. There are demon movies, supernatural films, and even erotic-horror flicks. While horror is not for everyone, perhaps the one sub-genre we can all agree is truly horrendous is the creepy, crawly type – those that evoke a viscerally sickening reaction. That’s just what Netflix’s newest scary film The Perfection entails.

Centered on Charlotte (Alison Williams), a respected cellist, and Lizzie (Logan Browning), a musical prodigy, The Perfection inserts the grotesque into a world you’d never think to find it – that of classical music. Charlotte and Lizzie’s pasts were entangled at a young age when the two went to school together. They eventually drifted apart but then reunited as adult musicians.

Though the pair hits it off and seems close enough, strange phenomena start to take place between them and their inner circles. We’re talking dismembered limbs, bugs crawling under skin, and vomiting maggots. Not to mention a disgusting bout of diarrhea that just had to have a minute in the spotlight.

Think you could stomach your way through this one?

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Contrary to people’s first impressions that this movie would be about a friendly competition between two cellists, The Perfection is much darker. And grosser. One viewer mentioned the film was a cross between The Human Centipede, Black Swan, and Get Out. Heavy.

Others said the movie was so unnervingly gross and disturbingly violent that they felt physically sick.

This film is clearly not everyone’s cup of tea. In an effort to pump out continuous original content, did Netflix miss the mark with this one? In any case, this movie is sure to a doozy. Keep a barf bag close by.

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