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Euphoria and Pearl Producer Kevin Turen dies age 44- Is the Euphoria Set Cursed?

Hollywood producer Kevin Turen died last weekend, on November 12, 2023.

Kevin Turen dies age 44
Credit: Tiktok/ @badii.madii

Hollywood producer Kevin Turen died last weekend, on November 12, 2023. Whilst Turen’s name might not ring any bells, he is in fact behind some of the most striking and memorable productions from the past three years.

Think of Euphoria, the gritty teenage series whose first season aired back in 2019. It immediately drew attention with its dark sex and drug induced portrayal of teenage life, which some critics of the show deemed inappropriate and unrealistic.

From there, Turen continued to produce projects which became pop-culture icons such as the horror movie Pearl starring Mia Goth. It’s cultural significance can be seen by the number of Pearl costumes seen this Halloween.

Whilst Turen’s contribution to The Idol might be a dark spot against his stellar projects with its poor plot and catering to the male gaze, we should not overlook the legacy his projects have left in modern day TV show and filmmaking. Who was this producer and how did he come to create so many modern masterpieces?

The Life of Kevin Turen

Turen was born in New York City in 1979. He went on to study English and Cinema at Colombia University and then in 2005 became active in Holywood. He started out as an executive at First Look Pictures, before moving on in the 2010s to Infinity Media and Treehouse Films.

He brushed shoulders and became friends with many of the most revolutionary writers of our age, helping to bring their visions to life. He met Sam and Ashley Levinson in 2018, and co-founded [mark this link as no follow]  Little Lamb Productions with them. They went on to produce Malcom and Marie, a 2021 romance film shot in black and white which stars Zendaya. 

From there, Turen worked as an executive producer on Euphoria and then Levinson’s most recent show The Idol.

It was also through his close connections that he came to produce Pearl and X, the first two films of a proposed X trilogy. Him and Ti West quickly formed a creative partnership when realizing West’s vision of a slasher film series, all starring Mia Goth.

Turen leaves behind his wife and two children. His cause of death is not yet known.

Social Media’s Reaction

Following the death of Angus Cloud, a Euphoria cast member, earlier this year, many have been concerned about the future of the beloved show. Season three has been a long time in the making, with Season 2 coming out in January 2022 and the next installment not predicted to be until at least 2025. Turen’s death has sparked a fresh wave of concern over the new season.

People are also claiming that between the untimely deaths of those involved in the show and strange casting decisions, such as Barbie Ferriera leaving the show, something fishy is going on. Some fans are even calling for season three to be canceled. 

Turen’s death has also left questions about the final film of the X trilogy, MaXXXine. The film follows Maxine, played by Mia Goth, as she makes her way to 1980s Los Angeles following the events of X. Filming spanned from April to May this year, however who will fill Turen’s role in production is yet unclear.

Nonetheless, there is no denying that the projects Turen produced have had a profound impact on popular culture and leave behind a rich legacy. May he rest in peace.

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