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First Look at the Second Season of Hit HBO Show, Euphoria

First look at the second season of Euphoria!

Credit : Euphoria / HBO

The time for glitter, sequins and a whole lot of drama is upon us once again. Here’s the first look at the highly anticipated second season of the iconic series Euphoria!

It’s no secret that the final episode in season one left everyone with a lot of questions – the main one being if Rue was going to be okay after her relapse with her drug addiction. While it was previously confirmed by the series showrunner Sam Levinson that Rue did not die in the finale of the first season, the teen is very much not sober; the second season begins with Rue on another bender singing an a cappella version of “16 on Death Row” by Tupac.

Credit: Euphoria / HBO

Fans were also pleased to see our beloved Fez get the cold opening he deserves, wherein we discover how he got roped into the drug dealing business in a flashback sequence. We even get a more in-depth look at the backstory of Fez’s little brother, Ashtray: we find out that their grandmother took him along on a drug deal and he was never collected by his mother. Towards the ending of the intro of this episode, we discover that Ashtray has killed Fez’s dealer – cue the first adventure wherein Fez, Ashtray, and Rue have to visit the dealer above that dealer. Pretty intense for the opening of the first episode in a new season, but that’s just the dramatic Euphoria that we know and love.

We catch up with Fez again towards the end of the first episode where we see him give Nate what he had coming to him – a bottle of Tito’s smashed across his face. It’s undeniable that this scene gave fans the cathartic release they had been craving since the first episode of the first season. Even the actor who plays Nate, Jacob Elordi, has stated that he would love to give Nate “a clip around the ears.”

Credit: Euphoria / HBO

Nate’s vibe at the beginning of the second season seems to be drinking a copious amount of alcohol and driving 110 miles per hour, downing shot after shot of whiskey, and hooking up with… Cassie? I did not see that coming. It’s likely that in further episodes we’ll get a more in-depth look at Nate’s life, his complicated relationship with his father, and the dynamics of their family home.

And the characters we can all agree that we want nothing but the best for, Rue and Jules? Rules shippers will have been happy to see that the pair share a kiss after Rue informs Jules that she had relapsed. We have to wait for the season to progress more to find out what direction, if any, their relationship will go in.

Credit: Euphoria / HBO

So, there’s the lowdown on the first episode of season 2 and we are left with many more questions than we had to begin with. There’s no doubt that the writers can go in any and all directions with this show, so I guess we’ll all have to hold our breath and keep our arms inside this emotional rollercoaster.

And if you’d like another second season of a show to get excited for, here you go!

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