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Kaleidoscope release date, cast, synopsis, trailer, and more

Kaleidoscope, Kaleidoscope cast, Kaleidoscope plot
Image Credit: Netflix

Kaleidoscope, a new drama series, is coming to Netflix in the new year like no other. It is created by Eric Garcia, who also serves as executive producer, showrunner, and writer.

Joining him with EP duties are Fred Berger, Russell Fine, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Justin Levy, Ridley Scott, Clayton Krueger, David W. Zucker, Jordan Sheehan, and writer Garrett Lerne. Fellow writers on the series include Evan Endicott, Ning Zhou, Josh Stoddard, Kate Barnow, and Kalen Egan.

The release date of Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope will be released on Sunday, January 1, at 12 a.m. PT/3 a.m. ET on Netflix. There are a total of eight episodes.

Here is a list of all the episodes and their titles:

“Yellow: 6 Weeks Before The Heist”
“Green: 7 Years Before the Heist”
“Blue: 5 Days Before the Heist”
“Violet: 24 Years Before the Heist”
“Orange: 3 Weeks Before the Heist”
“Red: The Morning After the Heist”
“Pink: 6 Months After”
“White: The Heist” (finale)

The Cast of Kaleidoscope

“Crew of Thieves”

Giancarlo Esposito as Leo Pap, the “Mastermind”
Jordan Mendoza as RJ Acosta Jr., the driver
Jai Courtney as Bob Goodwin, the safecracker
Peter Mark Kendall as Stan Loomis, the smuggler
Paz Vega as Ava Mercer, the weapons specialist
Rosaline Elbay as Judy Goodwin, the explosives expert

“Corporate Security Team”

Hemky Madera as Carlos Sujo, The Henchman
“Agents on the Case”
Tati Garbrielle as Hanna Kim, the protégé
Rufus Sewell as Roger Salas, the corporate security titan
Soojeon Son as Liz Kim, the sister
Agent Samuel Toby as Bubba Weiler, the partner
Niousha Noor as Nazan Abassi, the driven agent

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