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Jordan Peele Responds to ‘Get Out’ Fan Theories in New Video

Did you think of these while watching the movie?

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Despite its coming out eight months ago, critics and moviegoers alike are building up awards buzz for Get Out. Jordan Peele’s smash-hit February release received praise upon praise for its tightly-woven script and the resulting rewatch value. Reddit, in particular, proved to be a popular place for posting and replying to observations and fan theories. Vanity Fair hit upon this and presented a selection of them to Peele himself. On December 1, they posted a video of Peele addressing these ideas and declaring which were intentional – and which weren’t.

Happily, Peele affirmed the overwhelming majority of the comments and posts presented in the video. This reporter would rather invite you to watch it and see the theories in question for yourself. Trust me when I say: if you liked Get Out but only saw it once, you’ll want to rewatch it.

More on the Theories

Peele confirms observations from /u/inboxpulse/u/TaciturnWeirdo/u/I_Am_Dynamite6317/u/gloomy_lunatic/u/deadline54/u/24bigred, /u/BonnieLinnette/u/thetacobellvampire (whose comment is the thread’s highest-rated), /u/aloysiuslamb/u/DolphLundgrensPenis/u/postanalytical (seemingly misrepresented as /u/post_analytical), and /u/bipolarbearsRAWR. He also affirmed /u/murder_kitty’s “Black Mold Theory,” apparently popular on Reddit, but in a tone implying he didn’t intend that.

Though /u/TaciturnWeirdo marvels that “nothing was by accident,” Peele disagrees. He said one theory from /u/youcantbeatme123 was just “overthinking,” or at least not intentional on his part. Additionally, the first theory Peele reads is an “all in their head” theory, quite unpopular on the subreddit. He dismisses it entirely. A quick note about that: though he credits the post to /u/Emb3rSil, it was actually /u/genescheesesthatplz who wrote it. /u/Emb3rSil does have the top comment on the post … criticizing it as “lazy” and having “minimal effort.” This kind of theory, known as the “all in their head” theory, is quite unpopular on /r/FanTheories.

(He also answered a theory from /u/KyloRynMos, whom I cannot find on Reddit.)

All these and other in-depth analyses of the film astonished Peele. After reviewing the theories, he says, “Y’all are crazy. I honestly never thought people would pick up on this stuff so fast.” The writer-director even indicated that his future scripts will be even tighter and smarter specifically because of this response. He concludes everything by saying, “I’m inspired to bring more.”

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