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John Oliver Slams The American Health Care Act

Spot on.

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Oliver explains why the Republican health care bill is basically Robin Hood in reverse. He also airs Catheter cowboy again to enlighten Trump’s base about the bill. However, catheter cowboy forgot to mention that this bill will provide significant tax cuts for the wealthy. The top 1% will receive tax cuts of $33,000 and the top 0.1% will receive a $197,000 tax cut. Older Americans will also face increased costs under this bill, which is why catheter cowboy is pissed. Oliver also said that this bill is, “cutting the living shit out of Medicaid.”

An estimated 6-10 million Americans could lose coverage under the AHCA. And a majority of conservatives are not OK with this bill. There’s even a section in the AHCA that allows states to exclude lottery winners from receiving benefits. This plan would shift $370 billion in Medicaid costs to the States. The states will have to make up this gap to maintain current health care coverage. Unless you’re California, which has the largest economy in the United States, then making up the gap will be impossible for low GDP states like Wyoming.

Hopefully catheter cowboy commercials reach out beyond the DC area. Ironically, Trump supporters will also be victims if this bill becomes law because it will cripple Medicaid and increase health care costs. But if you’re in the top 1% or 0.1%, everything will be peaches and cream.

Lastly, check out this article on Oliver where he talks about ongoing tension between China and Tibet.

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