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Ghost Adventures Will Examine The Conjuring House In A Two-Hour Documentary

The Conjuring movie will come alive and terrify us all.

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The Conjuring was one of those horror movies that while absolutely terrifying, was also realistic. This made the story more convincing and all the more horrifying. What topped it off, however, was the “based on true events” at the beginning of the movie. Being supposedly haunted in real life, the Conjuring house will be examined for its ghostliness in a two-hour documentary.

Ghost Adventures Will Document The House

The popular show Ghost Adventures will be performing this examination of the Rhode Island home. Convinced that him and his crew will find some astounding discoveries, Zac Bagans is extremely excited. He is determined to experience what the Perron family had, such as demonic possession, levitating chairs, seances, and terrible scents of rotting flesh.

While I wouldn’t say Ghost Adventures is the most legitimate show in the world, there is credibility in that Bagans will be inviting the actual investigators of the home onto the documentary. Actors Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga played these investigators in the movie. Determined to uncover some horrifying truths, Bagans is on the right path.

The Documentary is Underway

Bagans is keeping us all updated on the progress of this exciting documentary. He says, “We’re halfway through this iconic investigation that most people have heard about from The Conjuring.”

He’s also assured fans that there is plenty to be excited of. “Many new details uncovered, incredible occurrences have been documented and the best part has been working alongside actual persons involved from that 1973 case.”

A more perfect date couldn’t have been chosen than Halloween, which is when it airs in the U.S. After those horrifying movies, I couldn’t be more eager than to see what the “based on true events” really looks like in action. Sounds like I’ve got plans for Halloween!

Are you a fan of horror? Check out the Netflix movie Stay Silent or Get Silenced for some monsters and nightmares.

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