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Footage Of Joaquin Phoenix Playing The Joker Has Surfaced

Joaquin’s joker is not clowning around.

Image Via Shock Mansion

The First Of Footage Of Joaquin Phoenix Playing The Joker Has Surfaced, And We Are Not Laughing.

Looks like the ‘Which Joker was the better Joker?’ conversation is gonna be sparked up again as this footage of Joaquin Phoenix has surfaced.

It looks like Phoenix is playing a Joker before The Joker, his face gaunt and haunting as he stumbles out of a back door to the streets of Harlem, being followed by a literal clown.

The upcoming movie, Joker is set in a gritty 1980s New York City, it looks to be haunting, especially if this is only the first clip to be released, what more is there to come?

The resemblance of Phoenix to the Joker is uncanny, hopefully, this film is going to be a hit.

Check out the clip below:

For more in the DC universe, Christopher Nolan talks about why he believes the recent DC films suck, hopefully, this one will not be joining that mix.

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