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Fantasy Movies and The Drive for Escapism

An article that sees how we use fantasy movies to escape reality and also how it connects us to our reality at the same time.

Fer Gregory, Aaaron Choi, DRN Studio

Fantasies have captured the world in movies for decades. With the animation, illusion, and dramatic context. A glimpse that people get from fantasy movies is a change from reality.


Reality is a place we all want to escape from. According to the Guardian, fantasy movies become the way to escape when people are stressed. Another argues that we use movies to pause and review the reality of the world we live in today. In addition, escapism is a form of relief from mental health. Another article states that many view themselves as the characters of movies. This relation to escapism is another way to escape yourself and the grasp of reality, within a movie of fantasy. A deeper connection is formed between the viewer and the characters.

Deeper Meaning

The argument according to one article stated that fantasy movies are not only a way to escape from reality. But a way to show a deeper meaning to our world. To show how movies in fantasy highlight the quality of the reality that we live in today’s society. Nevertheless what is interesting about fantasy is how it combines this need for escapism and demonstrates a reality in a very intriguing matter. This matter is found in movies.

DRN Studio Harry Potter Castle. Image: Shutterstock


Moreover, escapism and deeper meaning to movies are found in the franchise of “Harry Potter”, “The Hobbit”, and the popular movie “Pretty Woman”. Here all three give viewers a route to escape the world’s reality. What’s more gripping about the fantasy genre is the comparison that we as people make to the characters in the movies. How we find something that relates to us in them. Pretty Women from this source states that its modern intake of a cinderella story insights us as the viewers to see that we can achieve the same goal for ourselves.

Nevertheless moving away from the Cinderella complex, an escape from the world is seen through Harry Potter whose beloved characters show a sense of friendship, courage, and a strong sense of independence. This escapism shows us like Bilbo Baggins we can be as courageous to face our dragons.

Aaron Choi Biblo Baggins- ‘The Hobbit’. Image: Shutterstock

Feelings and Desires.

One article states that Empathy is a key element in human nature. Films produced empathy in a way to connect people with issues that are seen in everyday lives. Furthermore, we forget that movies represent all emotions, and even though fantasy gives us a chance to escape it also brings us back to our dreams. The evoking power it brings to us as viewers.


Fantasy movies. They are a gateway to exploring escapism in our world. At the same time, it ignites the reality of the world by showing the viewer the emotions we are afraid to face. But these movies are created to enforce courage and to face fear like the characters we grew up watching.

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