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Ewan McGregor To Star In ‘The Shining’ Sequel As Danny Torrance

Here’s Danny!

Image: Pathe/Warner

It’s been revealed that Ewan McGregor has been given the task of playing a grown up Danny Torrance in the sequel to ‘The Shining’,  that follows the story of the young boy traumatized by his father in the original.

The film will be based on Stephen King’s 2013 novel ‘Doctor Sleep’ which is a direct sequel to his original book. It is based 40 years after the original story with Danny Torrance working as an assistant nurse at a New Hampshire hospice.

He adopts the nickname ‘Doctor Sleep’ as he possesses supernatural powers which allows him to calm his patients.  He starts to connect with a dying girl, when he sees that she shares his supernatural abilities. They soon find that their power grows if they inhale the “steam” that comes off other gifted people when they are suffering painful deaths.

The director to follow Stanley Kubrick’s footsteps is relatively unknown Mike Flanagan. He does have experience in bringing Stephen King novels to the big screen after adapting ‘Jessie’ last year.

King famously hates the way ‘The Shining’ was adapted to the big screen even though it is renowned worldwide as a masterpiece.

Lets hope this one he ends up hating the sequel to!

He may have hated how ‘The Shining’ came out but he loved the adaptation of his book ‘It‘!

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