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Does Marah come out in Firefly Lane season 2, part 1?

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Yes, but Marah didn’t come out by choice. Marah was forced to do so because of Kate. After Kate receives Sean’s advice, she picks up Marah from school/field hockey practice. While driving home, Kate sings along to a song on the radio. The music is “Closer to Fine” by the Indigo Girls. She does the opposite of what Sean advised her to do by not being subtle at all.

She tells Marah about who the Indigo Girls are by saying that one of them is gay and the other one is straight, and Marah objects by saying that neither one of them is straightforward. Kate agrees with Marah and then admits how beautiful it is to see two lesbians living life and making music together. By now, Marah already knows that something is up with her mom. She asks Kate about her weird behaviour, but Kate tries to play it off like nothing is wrong.

She questions Kate if Tully told her about her being queer, and Kate seems amazed that Marah told Tully before her. Kate even tries to relate to Marah by sharing her slight crush on Angelina Jolie’s character in the movie Gia. However, Marah just seems freaked out. Although the conversation doesn’t necessarily end lightly, Kate lets Marah know she will be there for her if she needs to talk about anything.

None of the viewers expected a sweet moment between Marah and Kate concerning Marah’s coming out, and that’s just not the way their dynamic goes. Although we never see Marah talk about her sexuality with her dad, it’s understood that she ultimately tells him.

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