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Did You Notice THIS About Florence Pugh at the Don’t Worry Darling Premiere?

Olivia Wilde’s Don’t Worry Darling just released and fans have mixed reviews.

Image: New Line Cinema

Olivia Wilde’s Don’t Worry Darling just released and fans have mixed reviews.

Where Harry Styles’ acting fell short, it was made up for by Florence Pugh’s brilliant portrayal of the ‘trapped woman’. Speaking of being trapped, the Don’t Worry Darling set was rumored to be full of tension and with Pugh and Wilde right at the centre.

From claims that Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles were unprofessional on set and taking time to ‘canoodle’ between scenes to the fact that Shia Le Beouf was involved in the whole mix!

Shia was set to play the lead male role across from Florence Pugh but due to some rehearsal issues, it is unclear if he left the film or if he was fired. Where this wouldn’t be so strange on its own, Wilde then tried to invite Shia back to the film!

While all this was ongoing, Pugh never uttered a word of promotion for the film. Her upcoming film ‘The Wonder’ got more action than Don’t Worry Darling ever did!

We sense some unresolved tension in the air regarding this film and Florence’s late entrance to the Venice Film Festival Premiere of the movie only added fuel to this fire.

Fans were quick to recognize some similarities between Florence’s dress and another iconic figure we just know is beloved by all.

Do you see these similarities? Florence wearing a black drapey dress with iconic texture is such a Diana move! I dare say this is ‘Revenge Dress 2.0!

What makes this better has Florence stepped off the plane in Venice to a face-full of paparazzi and she still looked stunning in the richest and royal purple set you’ve ever seen!

Similar to how the costume in Don’t Worry Darling was critical to the storyline, Florence’s fits paid tribute to a royal icon and they did not disappoint!

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