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Controversial “House Of The Dragon” Relationship Leaves Fans Shocked

The incestuous sex scene in HBO’s “House of the Dragon” comes as a surprise to fans, whether or not it was welcome.

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Beware of the spoilers that lie ahead.

The controversial relationships in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” are not excluded from the spin-off prequel series “House of the Dragon.” The sexual content in the latest episode of the show left viewers shocked and conflicted, but generally excited.

In episode seven, Rhaenyra and her uncle Daemon spend some time in a brothel before having sex, creating a lot of mixed responses from viewers.

The show has been building up their relationship since episode one. They have exchanged secret glances and flirty sentiments. However, Rhaenyra is also engaging in this relationship for the Iron Throne. But by having sex with (and also marrying) her uncle, the show has created an uncomfortable situation for some of the audience.

Some viewers were disgusted by the nature of their relationship, given that they have a considerable age gap and are related.

Credit: @themoonpriv via Twitter

Beyond the incest, the audience is also bringing up their age gap and how Daemon is twice her age, and watched her grow up.

However, a majority of fans seem to be enjoying the relationship a lot. It might be because fans are used to the incestuous relationships from the original series. But more than that, it seems like fans are just invested in their relationship.

Credit: @JWYBARBIE via Twitter
Credit: @msashmyles via Twitter

Some are questioning why they are such big fans of a controversial relationship.

Credit: @eloisa8rd via Twitter
Credit: swiftie5ever via Reddit

Fans have been praising the chemistry between the two and the cinematography of their wedding.

Credit: @shxmandalie via Twitter

Regardless of how fans receive the relationship, the show has opened up new possibilities with the marriage that everyone can anticipate going forward.

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