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Cleveland News Station’s Hilarious ‘What Day is It?’ Segment

Thank God it’s Friday?

(Image from Marco Verch on Flickr,

The idea of a workweek loses much of its meaning when there is no longer a workplace to go to. Many of us have lost track of time after the sudden lack of structured work and even social interaction. But don’t worry– a local Cleveland news station Fox 8 is here to help with their segment “What day is it? With Todd Meany.”

Watch one of the segments from the local news station below.

This news segment has a couple good effects. First, and most obviously, it definitely serves as a real reminder of the day of the weeks. Meany’s humorously short segment declaring the day of the week everyday adds just a little bit of structure to a pretty structureless existence with social distancing.

But this news segment more importantly brings a lighthearted element to the usual alarming coronavirus news. Talk about overwhelming statistics or flattening the curve day after day becomes disheartening and only hastens the process of blurring the days in quarantine together. Humor is as important as ever in a time where we have to avoid even our closest friends, and this Cleveland news station is providing its viewers with much needed laughter.

Kudos to Meany and Cleveland’s Fox 8 news station for finding something to laugh at in this demoralizing time. For more laughs, check out how Cards Against Humanity is helping to spread laughter here

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