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Bradley Cooper Says He Would Do ‘Hangover’ 4′ in ‘An Instant’ – But Will the Wolf Pack?

The veteran actor expressed interest in reprising his role in a recent podcast.

Bradley Cooper in "The Hangover"
Bradley Cooper in 'The Hangover' movies. Credit: Warner Bros.

The wild comedy trilogy rocked audiences over a decade ago. Now, after a string of more serious films, Bradley Cooper is ready for The Hangover 4.

Bradley Cooper celebrated for his diverse acting career and recent directorial ventures, recently announced his intention to reprise his role in a potential fourth installment of the beloved Hangover series.

In a candid conversation on The New Yorker Radio Hour with David Remnick, Cooper shared his eagerness to revisit the unhinged world of the Wolf Pack alongside co-stars Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, and director Todd Phillips.

When Remnick teased Cooper about returning to a comedy role with a “similar spirit” to the Hangover series, the actor responded with genuine enthusiasm.

A Return to Form

The Wolfpack cruising on the highway.
‘The Hangover’ movies were hugely popular. Credit: Warner Bros.

The Hangover saga, which commenced in 2009, catapulted Cooper and his co-stars into worldwide fame. The trilogy’s success resulted in two sequels, solidifying its status as a comedy classic cherished by global audiences. Despite his recent ventures into more dramatic roles, Cooper confessed that he finds fulfillment in comedic and serious projects, emphasizing his love for the Hangover team.

Cooper hasn’t been the only one to tease a reboot of the beloved series. In an interview with Extra, Galifianakis humorously suggested a family-friendly animated version of the film, a la Pixar.

Wolf Pack Reunion?

Group shot of the Wolfpack, one of the most beloved trios in comedy film.
Screw-up legends. Credit: Warner Bros.

Despite his individual enthusiasm, Cooper expressed doubts about getting the original crew, pointing out that director Todd Phillips likely lacked his level of interest in the project.

Director Todd Phillips hasn’t commented on the possibility of a new Hangover. His current endeavors depart from his comedic past, particularly his involvement in the 2024 sequel film Joker: Folie à Deux.

This project has occupied the director since his groundbreaking success with Joker in 2020, indicating that another Hangover is probably the last thing on his mind.

Additionally, series producer Daniel Goldberg passed away this year. With the director and producer gone, it would take a miraculous team to make a film that could bear the legacy of the original series.

Over the Hangover

Cooper plays renowned composer Leonard Bernstein in his new biopic "Maestro"
Bradley Cooper in ‘Maestro’. Credit: Jason McDonald/Netflix

Should a Hangover 4 come to fruition, it would mark a departure for Cooper from his recent streak of musical dramas. He made waves with A Star Is Born and is promoting Maestroa biopic featuring Cooper as director, co-writer, and star portraying the legendary composer Leonard Bernstein. The potential return to comedy showcases Cooper’s versatility as an actor and his willingness to explore different genres.

Cooper’s involvement in Maestro has faced criticism, particularly regarding his use of a prosthetic nose, with critics arguing it perpetuates negative stereotypes. In response, Bernstein’s children supported Cooper’s portrayal, asserting that the decision was respectful and aligned with Bernstein’s likeness.

Though Cooper remains focused on his promotional efforts for Maestro, which is set to hit Netflix soon, the actor’s openness to reuniting with the Hangover crew has left fans hopeful for a potential continuation of the beloved comedic saga.

In conclusion, while the likelihood of a Hangover 4 appears tenuous, Bradley Cooper’s clear enthusiasm and fondness for the franchise, coupled with fans’ enduring love for the Wolf Pack’s escapades, hint at the possibility of a triumphant comedic reunion that could once again captivate audiences around the world.

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