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America’s Got Talent: All-Stars cast

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America’s Got Talent: All-Stars premiered on Monday, January 2nd 2023, at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. This two-hour debut introduced us to the first 10 of 60 acts competing to claim the coveted title of ultimate All-Star.

It will be a stiff competition with the participants from versions of “Got Talent” produced across Africa, the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East.

We have listed the full list of contestants below:-

Aidan Bryant (aerialist) from AGT season 16
Aidan McCann (magician) from Britain’s Got Talent, 2020
Alan Silva (aerialist) from AGT season 15
Ana Maria Margean (ventriloquist) from Romania’s Got Talent, 2021 winner
Aneeshwar Kunchala (poet) from Britain’s Got Talent, 2022
Archie Williams (singer) from AGT season 15
Avery Dixon (musician) from AGT season 17
Axel Blake (comedian) from Britain’s Got Talent, 2022 winner
The Bello Sisters (hand balancing) from AGT season 15
Berywam (a capella group) from AGT season 14
Bir Khalsa (extreme variety) from AGT season 14
Brandon Leak (poet) from AGT season 15 winner
Brett Loudermilk (extreme variety) from AGT season 15
Caly Bevier (singer) from AGT season 11
Captain Ruin (extreme variety) from Australia’s Got Talent, 2019
Cristina Rae (singer) from AGT season 15
Dance Town Family (dance) from AGT season 15
Daneliya Tuleshova (singer) from AGT season 15
Darius Mabda (dance) from Romania’s Got Talent, 2022
Detroit Youth Choir (choir) from AGT season 14
Divyansh & Manuraj (music act) from India’s Got Talent, 2022 winner
Dustin Tavella (magician) from AGT season 16 winner
Dustin’s Dojo (variety) from AGT season 9
Emil & Dariel (music act) from AGT season 9
Eric Chien (magician) from Asia’s Got Talent, 2019 winner | AGT season 14
Flau’Jae (rapper) from AGT season 13
Human Fountains (variety) from AGT season 13
Jackie Fabulous (comedian) from AGT season 14
Jamie Leahey (ventriloquist) from Britain’s Got Talent, 2022
Jasper Cherry (magician) from Britain’s Got Talent, 2021
Jeanick Fournier (singer) from Canada’s Got Talent, 2022 winner
Jimmie Herrod (singer) from AGT season 16
Josh Blue (comedian) from AGT season 16
Keiichi Iwasaki (magician) from Britain’s Got Talent, 2022
Keren Montero (singer) from Dominican’s Talent, 2021 winner
Kodi Lee (singer) from AGT season 14 winner
Light Balance Kids (dance) from AGT season 14
Loiz (magician) from Australia’s Got Talent, 2020 | AGT season 10
Lukas & Falco (animal act) from Germany’s Das Supertalent winner | AGT season 14
Malevo (dance) from AGT season 11
Mandy Harvey (singer) from AGT season 12
Mervant Vera (magician) from AGT season 17
Mike E. Winfield (comedian) from AGT season 17
Mini Droids (dance) from Belgium’s Got Talent, 2021 winner
Ndlovu Youth Choir (choir) from AGT season 14
Peter Antoniou (mentalist) from AGT season 16
Peter Rosalita (singer) from AGT season 16
Power Duo (aerialists) from Philippine’s Got Talent, the 2016 winner
Robert Finley (singer) from AGT season 14
Sacred Riana (magician) from Asia’s Got Talent winner | AGT season 13
Sara James (singer) from AGT season 17
Sethward (variety) from AGT seasons 15-17
Terry Fator (ventriloquist) from AGT season 2 winner
Tom Ball (singer) from Britain’s Got Talent, 2022
Tone the Chief (singer) from AGT season 8
Vitoria Bueno (ballerina) from Germany’s Das Supertalent, 2021
Vivianna Rossi (aerialist) from AGT season 17
Voices of Hope Children’s Choir (choir) from AGT season 13
World of Taekwondo (variety) from AGT season 16
Yumbo Dump (variety) from Asia’s Got Talent | AGT season 13

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