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365 Days – What’s Next For The Polish Film Franchise?

Who doesn’t want to be kidnapped by a mafia member?

CREDIT: Shutterstock/Studio R3. Netflix/365 Days After

After the success of raunchy movie series Fifty Shades, there’s undoubtedly a market for steamy films, something which 365 Days excels at.

Despite dialogue jumping between Polish, Italian, and English, both 365 Days and its sequel, 365 Days This Day, found fame on Netflix, proving that the language of love is enough to draw anyone in. But despite having such high viewing figures, the films have received criticism that Laura and Massimo’s relationship is far from love…

Based on the books of the same name, 365 Days centers around a woman and her kidnapper, a member of the mafia she then falls in love with and ends up marrying in the second installment. Their relationship is far from a stereotypical love story or rom-com we might be used to watching on Netflix, yet it still has users of the streaming site itching for more of the action. Until then, feast your eyes upon the newest Netflix originals hitting the site this month.

And if you’re one of those individuals hoping to find out the unlikely couple’s fate, then you’re in luck! Netflix has confirmed there will be another film to follow from the dramatic ending of 365 Days This Day, with the plot being filmed at the same time as the latest addition to the series. As production has already been completed, we can expect to see the film debuting soon, whether that be the end of this year or the beginning of next.

It is unsure if this will be the final movie, however, with there only being three original books, but we’ve seen Netflix continue series well past their written origins before, so we’ll just have to wait and see. The last book in the trilogy revolves around the pair’s married life and how they navigate the difficulties of Massimo’s dangerous career.

Spoilers Ahead!!

After Laura’s brush with death at the end of the latest movie, the synopsis of book 3 reveals that she is “pregnant and fighting to survive”, identifying that the couple is finally on their way to a happy family after suffering two miscarriages. But the description of the final book also poses questions about Massimo’s future: “What will his life be without Laura? Will he be able to raise their child alone?” 

It seems that all should be revealed in the next movie, whether that be the last we see of Laura and Massimo’s tumultuous relationship or simply just another installment in the film franchise. 

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