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‘1899’: Who Was The Little Boy, And What Happened To Him On The Prometheus?

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In the premiere episode, when Eyk recruits some of the passengers to go and investigate Prometheus, surprisingly, it was empty. All except for a little boy (Fflyn Edwards) who is closed up in a cabinet. Throughout the rest of the show, the boy’s identity is not revealed, and many people start to believe he’s the reason behind the tragedies to come.

Is the boy Maura’s son in 1899?

It turns out that Maura’s memories have been erased, so she perceives everything just like we all are as viewers. She realizes that a mysterious man on the Kerberos named Daniel (Aneurin Barnard) is her husband, and they also have a son. So yes, the little boy on the Prometheus is their son.

In the final two episodes of 1899, we learn that Elliot had been dying of something, and Maura was desperate to keep him alive. So, she and Daniel built this simulation to be with him in it. But things went sideways, and her brother took over the simulation and had been controlling it for the events we see in the show. Fortunately, Daniel successfully hacks into the mainframe and reprograms it, eventually getting Maura back to reality in the finale.

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The year is 2099, and Maura is on a spaceship called the Prometheus. Spooky! Though Elliot is nowhere to be found, she receives a message from her brother who says, “welcome to reality.” That’s where the show ends, leaving us with many questions about what Maura will do next.

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