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Tika the Iggy’s Top 10 Looks of the Year (so far)

The following is the top 10 looks and outfits by Tika the Iggy! Come and take a look at these unique styles!

Personalised drawing of Tika the Iggy.
Tika the Iggy has become a popular trend. Credit: Trill Mag.

Tika the Iggy is a fashion-forward Italian greyhound. She shared a number of fabulous dog fashion looks this year. Here are her top 10 looks of the year – so far.

Who is Tika the Iggy?

Tika is an Italian Greyhound living in Montreal, Canada, with a large following on Instagram and TikTok. She wears a variety of dresses and clothes specifically made for Italian Greyhounds and other dogs, owning over 300 outfits and accessories. The fashion-forward doggy has been posting since 2016 and highly regarded as a model for dog fashion. Tika lives for fashion and shows off her outfits with her family.

The reason for Tika wearing the clothes originally was to protect her from the cold in Canada. Italian Greyhounds have a harder time keeping warm due to their thin coats of fur, so this is what started Tika’s love for clothes and fashion.

Tika has two books written about her with the help of Shapiro. One of the books has written with advice on living life to the fullest. The book contains many looks she modeled over the past five years of being on social media. The other book is a picture book formatted like a children’s book. This book stars Tika and the adventure that ensues from a special letter.

Tika the Iggy, the account, is ran by her “second favorite dad,” Thomas Shapiro. Shapiro is one of Tika’s two dads that contributed to her success in fashion. He describes Tika as a fashionista and gay icon, stated in her bios on social media. Tika’s second favorite dad takes her around the world for fashion events.

The following top 10 looks from Tika the Iggy are ranked by like count on Instagram. Some posts contain multiple looks and in that case one or two of the looks will be highlighted in the ranking.

10: Tika’s silk charmeuse jumpsuit by Jade and Coral

Tika participated in New York’s fashion week this year and wore many unique looks throughout the week. The most notable one from commentors is the last outfit shown. It is a blue ruffled jumpsuit by Jade and Coral, and the jumpsuit compliments Tika’s fur color and stride. While this look caught the eye of most viewers, there are many other fun outfits that Tika wore during fashion week.

9: An extravagant pink dress by C’MiMi Dog Fashion

This brightly colored dress is worn by Tika during her trip to Mexico. As said in the video’s caption, the dress’s style is dramatic and compared to actresses in Spanish telenovels. The train of the dress flows beautifully when Tika walks and the flowery ruffles give a dramatic flair to finish off the look.

8: A simply lovely navy striped bathing suit by BonGoof

During Tika’s time in Mexico, she was able to witness the solar eclipse with her owner. She sports some protective eclipse glasses along with her navy and white striped bathing suit. Tika is dressed and ready for some outdoor and water fun!

7: Rave ‘fit for the snow made by EXO ALIEN

Looks like Tika is off to a rave! This outfit is fun and specially made for Tika. With custom fur leg warmers that spell Tika’s name along with a pink coat lined with fur and riddled with reflective stripes and loops, Tika is ready to party! The perfect rave outfit when facing the cold and snow.

6 and 5: Two dresses for Dolly Parton’s Pet Gala by Doggy Parton

Tika the Iggy had the honor to participate in Dolly Parton’s first Pet Gala. She wears two dresses made by Doggy Parton and both are equally to die for!

The first dress is black with some bandana-like designs on the belt area and collar. She pairs a pink cowgirl hat lined with pink fur. Tika struts her stuff in this look during interviews on a walk on the pink carpet.

The second dress is red with many ruffles and a similar shape to the first dress. A red hat with red fur accompanies this look that premiered on the official taping of the special Pet Gala.

4: Celine Dion’s 2019 Met Gala look reimagined by Haute Dogue

Another extravagant look by Tika! In honor of the Met Gala, Tika shows a recreated look that Celine Dion wore to the Met Gala in 2019. The long white feathery headpiece with the long strings of silvery beads that make up the dress perfectly imitates Celine Dion’s look.

3: A colorful patterned jumpsuit by Uno Ruben

This post shares many looks by Tika during her trip to Mexico, two of them making the list already. However, the focus here will be on the multicolored jumpsuit. This jumpsuit was made specially for Tika by Uno Ruben. Sporting shades of pink, orange and green, this jumpsuit is gorgeous on Tika, and she models it gracefully.

2: These matching outfits and hats by Riikyu

Some people say that owners look like their pets and vice versa. Shapiro and Tika wear matching outfits and put this idea to the test. While this beige shirt and brown hat combo by Riikyu is simple, it is so effective and charming. Bonus points for matching with second favorite dad!

1: A lovely Princess Peach costume by Snootly

Tika loves her family and is celebrating her human brother’s third birthday in this post! The birthday is Super Mario themed, and Tika wears a Princess Peach costume by Snootly with her doggy sister, Kala, wearing a blue shell costume. Her human siblings are dressed as Mario and Luigi. Tika and her siblings, human and dog, are absolutely adorable and goes to show their viewers enjoy seeing Tika’s life with her family.

Hope for more unique outfits

These are the top outfits for Tika, for the first half of this year. Tika is off to a grand start this year and will continue to model amazing outfits nobody has seen before. She continues to upload honest content with the help of her owner and family.

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