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VIDEO: See What Happened When the Prodigy Clashes With Drugged up Russian Fans!

This is insane!

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The Band called The Prodigy, recently toured in Russia. In case you are a big fan and you missed it, there is a video. Their performance definitely hit new heights and crushed any of their other performances! The video was posted on their Facebook page this week. It features them performing a shocking version of their track ‘The Day is My Enemy’.
Check it out!

They tore it up! That audience was literally on fire! I could honestly not see myself as wanting to be a part of this Russian Most pit. Although, everybody in the video will remember that night for ages. Unless they were too drugged up and all they remember is the massive hangover the next morning. Haha. I think we have all been there before. Anyway, if any of you Prodigy fans out there are saying “man I wish I went”, well enjoy the video. Try to imagine yourself in the crowd, while you are watching it. Many of the comments on the video say how awesome the energy of the Russian fan base is, and I totally agree.

Russia certainly knows how to show their appreciation!

Speaking of crazy things that happen and go on in Russia, Here’s a new version on Russian Roulette. It’s played with tasers!

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