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The Kaleidoscope Orchestra Pays Tribute To The Late Keith Flint

In times of mourning, musical tributes are a nice way to help people grieve.

hepherd, Jack. Keith Flint Death: Prodigy singer known for ‘Firestarter’ dies aged 49. March 4, 2019. Retrieved from

Tribute To The Late Keith Flint: Death is never easy to process; suicides are shocking and very difficult to come to grips with. Whether it is someone you know personally or someone famous you cherish, the pain is very real for all. Those left living are often left thinking what could I have missed? How could I not have seen the signs? But the darkness and the demons that people deal with inside take over, becoming too much for them to handle until they can’t anymore. Keith Flint is another victim of suicide, leaving his family, band mates, and fans crushed as they try to understand how he is suddenly gone.

Even with all of this pain and sadness, there can still be some light that shines through to help people in grief. According to Jack Shepherd ( a U.K. based orchestra pays tribute to the late singer by playing some of the bands best known songs. Shepherd writes “The Kaleidoscope Orchestra of Manchester, U.K. an absolutely medley of The Prodigy songs in tribute to the late Keith Flint” ( 1). As fans are in mourning after the group’s front man died suddenly on March 4, 2019, this was a nice way to pay tribute to him and the groups greatest hits. It has been suggested that Flint’s death was possibly a suicide ( 1). Through the sadness, the versions of the songs that the Orchestra plays are beautiful.

Listen to the Kaleidoscope Orchestra play The Prodigy tribute songs here:

The tribute to Keith Flint is so well done. The Kaleidoscope Orchestra played their hearts out for him and his memory.
Needham, Lucy. Keith Flint inquest: Prodigy star took cocaine, booze, and codeine before being found hanged by a pal. May 8, 2019. Retrieved from

The tribute to Keith Flint is so well done. The Kaleidoscope Orchestra played their hearts out for him and his memory. But this just shows how common all of this is becoming. Every time a musician passes away, under similar circumstances or not, tributes are made and they are always done well. I believe, though, it is even more difficult to process death’s like Flint’s because suicide takes lives so quickly. They are here and seem fine one day and the next day they are gone, leaving everyone stunned and deeply saddened. Suicide shows just how nasty it is. It gets inside the heads, souls, and entire bodies of people and continues to take from the person until there is nothing left but to succumb to it and let it take all of the breath and the live. It doesn’t get any easier to say good-bye to those we love, either family or friends or famous singers we cherished. Tributes can dull some of the pain, at least for a little while.

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