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Post Malone Gets Heckled By The Undead When He Goes Ghost Hunting

Post Malone tackles some ghostly criticism.

Source: Image: Konbini / The Come Up Show via Flickr CC

The American rapper is used to fans chanting his name and singing along to his songs. However, on his recent appearance on Ghost Adventures, the spirits seem to not be fans. 

Post Malone is featured on this week’s episode of the TV show which airs on the Travel Channel which Post has apparently been watching since he was a young boy. Although, he might have thought he would have received a slightly better reception.

He enters the room stating that he is “terrified”, but manages to muster up the courage to continue into the Slaughter House in Tuscan, Arizona. Initially, he is skeptical of any potential paranormal activity; however, that rapidly changes when things start to go bump in the night.

Soon after entering the building, things begin to seem a little spooky. Post sees a door mysteriously close, “I just watched that door close…. not even like a wind close, like a very slow close,” he said. At this part of the episode, it would seem that Post is getting more than just a little freaked out.

To add to the entertainment value, it is decided that Post Malone will be left alone in this supposedly haunted house. I suppose some people find comedic value in seeing celebrities scared out of their wits.

Things start to get a little weird…

When left alone in the haunted room, Post starts to become panicked as he hears ‘unexplained noises’ which prompts the team to run in to find him profusely sweating. The rapper even goes so far as to suggest that the ghosts poked him in the neck, obviously, the spirit prefers a different genre of music.

The host then proceeds to question the ghost and asks,  “Can you tell me something about this man?” to which the spirit cuttingly responds that the singer is “Dirty” and also “Really afraid”. Who knew ghosts could be so savage?

The rest of the video sees the ghost talking about cows? Yeah, I am confused too, the spirit continues to prod and provoke the singer. But I won’t spoil any more of the episode for you.

Watch the episode here:

I am not entirely convinced by the whole existence of spirits and ghosts. However, Post Malone does appear to get pretty freaked out by events so maybe I shouldn’t be so skeptical. However, saying this you won’t be catching me in a supposedly haunting room at night anytime soon.

Another weird ghost story that came to light recently is the woman who married a 300-year old ghost … I wish them all the best.  

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