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Marvin Gaye Through The Vision Of Dr Dre: It Might Be Coming!

Let’s get it on!

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In an exclusive brought to the world by Variety, Dr Dre has started working on a biopic movie about Marvin Gaye, pushing the boundaries of his vision again.

First of all, it is widely known that Dr Dre is somewhat of a producing genius and this has recently been highlighted in the highly acclaimed Netflix/HBO Documentary The Defiant Ones (you need to watch that), but now he has decided to gift the world once again and will be helping to create a film surrounding soul legend Marvin Gaye, who was tragically murdered by his father on April 1st, 1984.

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It is also reported that Dre has secured the rights to Gaye’s music, which adds to the excitement of the announcement. Numerous other recording artists, such as Scott Rudin and Lenny Kravitz, have tried to secure the rights in the past but have faced difficult barriers, putting them off persisting. However, now with Dr Dre securing these, the production is in its very early stages.

There have been two significant attempts to create documentary style productions based around the famous soul singer. Firstly a documentary called Marvin, What’s Going On? was announced and it looked like it was going to go ahead. For the first time, Gaye’s family allowed directors Gabriel Clarke and Torquil Jones access to interviews and archive images. However, no release date was scheduled and it is still categorized as ‘in development’ by IMDB.

A-lister Jamie Foxx announced a series that was dedicated to the superstar, but even he is still having problems getting the go ahead.

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So it’s down to the ever-delivering Dr Dre to take the lead and produce what will hopefully be an amazing film that celebrates the ‘Sexual Healing’ and ‘Let’s Get It On’ Soul Singer.

In news that is equally important, Big Shaq has finally taken off his jacket. Watch here.

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