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Jered Threatin Finally Responds To His European Tour Controversy

Who wants to join my fake band?

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If you were out of the loop before, let me fill you in really quick. Jered Threatin is the personification of fake news. He is a musician from Los Angeles who traveled to the UK and booked all of the most popular venues to share his music with the world. The problem is, nobody knows who he is. Every professional photo, every song, his website, his views and comments on YouTube, etc. was all funded by himself.

Point is, if you have to pay for followers and for people to listen to your music, you’re probably not that good or you’re just pretty full of yourself. So after some time, Threatin finally responded to the controversy about his fake band and fake European tour.

Here’s what he said:

If his goal was to use some sort of reverse psychology and get famous by literally faking it till he made it, then he definitely succeeded. Everyone’s eyes are sure on him now, but too bad we’re all laughing.

For more, here’s the Bitter Truth About Free Music!

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