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Your Ultimate Guide to Getting Taylor Swift Eras Tour Merch in 2024

As fans queue for hours and hike up resale prices, we tell you all you need to know about securing Eras Tour merch on the international leg.

Queueing for Taylor Swift Eras Tour Merch
Image: Shutterstock/ EQRoy

On February 7th, Taylor Swift kicked off the international leg of her viral Eras Tour. In true Taylor Swift fashion, it wasn’t just her show that took Tokyo by storm, as Swifties documented queueing in snow for exclusive merchandise the day before the gig.

This is not unusual: during the American leg of the super-successful tour, fans went to the extreme of forming merch queues at 5am on the day of the show.

Not only are merch queues building way in advance of showtime, but fans are buying up stock to resell online. One of the viral blue crewnecks is listed on eBay for $335, a whopping $270 more than its original retail price. Reports from fans suggest that once a merch stand runs out of a garment, they are not restocking. That means you need to get your hands on merch while the pop-up stalls in your area are stocked or pay an eye-watering five times the price on an over-inflated resale item.

We’ve figured out how merch sales are working for the international leg, what new items are available, and what pieces are worth picking up. Read on for a stress-free show-day shopping experience!

Merch stands are arriving days before the show

Keep an eye on social media in the week running up to your Eras Tour date, because the merch stands for Tokyo’s recent show popped up two days before the gig. With items selling out quickly and a slim chance of a restock, getting in the queue early is your best bet if you want to avoid disappointment and extensive queues.

Pop-up merch booths don’t require a ticket for purchase, meaning that anyone can shop the Eras collection. Though some stalls are exclusive for ticketholders on the day of the show, those are likely to attract pretty lengthy queues. Get in there early to avoid disappointment!

New items are available on the international leg

Though many fan favorites remain, eagle-eyed fans have noticed a few new items in social media posts recently. A new tote bag and towel are replacing the white Eras Tour tee and tie-dye tank top that were staples of the summer shows.

None of these items are available to shop online as Taylor Swift’s whole website has been taken over with the announcement of her new album, so factor in time to grab the new pieces you’ve had your eye on!


The items remain at similar price points to those on the U.S. leg. Currently, hoodies are $75, crewnecks and quarter zip pullovers $65, long sleeve t-shirts $55, t-shirts $45, tank tops $40, canvas tapestries and bracelets $35, show posters $30, tote bags $27, water bottles $25, towels $17 and glow batons $15.

Taylor Swift Eras Tour cup
Taylor Swift Eras Tour Cup. Credit: Shutterstock/ ChristinaAiko Photography

Final Top Tips

With pop-up merch stands arriving outside venues days in advance, we advise buying your merch early to avoid disappointment. However, if you can’t get to a stall before show day, don’t worry! Getting to the venue early during the day of the show should be enough to avoid lengthy queues, disappointment, and the non-ticketholders that are buying merch outside.

Make sure to check the inventory for your queue, particularly if you’re after a popular size. It has been reported that merch stands are doing size exchanges if you buy the wrong size, but it’s best to know if your size is in stock before embarking on a lengthy wait time.

Make sure to wrap up with plenty of layers if queueing in the snow like Japanese fans did last week. Stay safe, and good luck!

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Madison Collier (she/her) is a current finalist reading for BA English Language and Literature at Oxford University. Madison writes on news, culture, and entertainment, but specialises in music and identity.

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