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Fans Left Angry at Outrageous Cost of Drake Tour Tickets

Drake has recently announced a tour with artist 21 Savage. However, the cost of tickets has many fans scratching their heads.

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Drake recently announced a tour with artist 21 Savage. Even though fans are excited, the price of tickets leaves many shaking their heads.

How expensive are the tickets

After the announcement of the tour, fans jumped to the official site, hoping to pick up tickets. However, fans were in for a rude awakening as the average cost of tickets was as high as $1,000 a piece during the presale. More shows have been added to the tour to meet the increased demand. However, the prices remain high even after the tickets go on sale normally. Some sites list tickets as cheap as $300 for general admission to nearly $2000 for MVP tickets.

Is Drake really worth a Beyoncé price?

With the inflated prices of tickets, due in no small part to ticket resellers, fans of Drake took to Twitter to voice their frustrations. Many are debating if this tour is worth it, comparing the prices of the upcoming tour to Beyoncé’s recently announced tour. Even so, Beyoncé tickets are going for a little over $100 at the lowest, while the lowest for Drake’s tour sits at nearly triple the price.

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Who is to blame for the high costs?

With the cost of tickets skyrocketing, many wonder what the cause is. This issue extends well beyond the Drake tour and has been a problem for years. Who exactly sets ticket prices? Is Drake robbing you blind? Not exactly. While artists have some influence regarding ticket prices, that falls typically to promoters, venue operators, and managers. Though, ticket prices ultimately come down to one thing, the seller.

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The Seller

While the initial prices for tickets are set by a multitude of outside factors, costs are ultimately controlled by the ticket sellers. However, this, too, is a vague answer. “Ticket sellers” refers to any means one purchases tickets. This could be from a curated site like Ticketmaster, at the venue itself, or from resellers. Whoever you buy tickets from determines the price.

What do Drake fans think?

As stated, Drake fans took to the Internet to voice their frustration. And, the Internet being the Internet, these frustrations were expressed through memes. Many such Twitter posts used common, shock-based reaction images to show their displeasure at the ticket prices. Many take digs at the prices using Drake himself.

This post used the album art for one of Drake’s albums as a response. Many other such tweets exist, with many Twitter users upset about the tour’s presale prices.

The Internet speaks.

Many users have high hopes for the tour, justifying the high price point. One user believes that Drake performing his entire discography would make the price worth it.

Another tweet uses a song by Drake to mock the price of the tickets.

The “celebratory” side

Just as many users are mocking the tour, many are excited. Several users have tweeted about acquiring their tickets and the price they got them for. One user claims to have purchased tickets for only 75 dollars, though the comments are doubtful. Some assume the tickets are for subpar seats. Several others mockingly said they got tickets for a Drake Bell show instead. Many commenters joke that it was only a parking pass rather than a seat.

The solemn side

However, more often than not, most users are expressing their disappointment at being unable to secure seats for themselves. This is a common sight when a new tour is announced for any artist. Once again, returning to Beyoncé, many users could not get tickets to her tour and found themselves unable to get tickets for this tour as well. With how recent these tour announcements have been, it has been a double whammy of a disappointment for the unlucky fans without tickets. Some users claim that they didn’t want tickets anyway while refuting the claim with a sad reaction image.

Tour Details

As stated prior, fourteen dates have been added to the tour, bringing it to 42 shows from June 16th to September 5th. The tour spans the continental United States (sorry, Hawaii), with two shows in Quebec and two in Vancouver. 21 Savage will be present at every show save for the Quebec and Vancouver performances. Tickets are currently available but are selling out fast! According to Twitter, the Houston shows have already sold out. So, if you are an avid Drake listener and yearn to see him live, you’d better hurry.

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