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Attend A Rave Organized By Artificial Intelligence

Way to go technology!

Credit: Daybreak Dance Party Organization

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I have never been fond of technology. I mean it helps make my life a lot easier, but I’m still not an expert on how to use it. Then again, not many people are. This idea sounds pretty great though. Now, instead of stressing yourself out with party planning, technology can do it for you and actually improve the party experience as well. This is the intent of the computer hardware company IBM.

IBM teamed up with dance party organization “Daybreak” to create what they call a “cognitive dance party’. How does it work? Well Daybreak organizers asked the party goers to provide them with their twitter handles, when the go to resister for a party. The twitter handle is needed, because it helps the artificial intelligence, ‘Watson’ analyze their social media accounts. After, Watson is provided with a way to create a dance party that can please all of the attendants’ personality traits. Awesome!

It gets better. Watson is a supercomputer that has the ability to source over 200 million pages of information and access 90 servers, quicker than any human. Pretty sick right?

Back to the party, Watson was able to separate all the attendees into three groups based on their strongest personality trait and then assigned them colors: yellow for the expressive, purple for the conscientious and red for the outgoing. After that, the supercomputer was in control of the dance floor lights and created a color shifting LED sun rise inside the venue. That’s great, how a computer was able to bring everybody at this party together on the dance floor.

Exciting stuff, I can’t imagine what else it could be capable of. This creation will certainly help out a lot of people out.

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