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Alex Turner Forgets the Words to ‘Mardy Bum’ During Arctic Monkeys Hometown Gig

Artic Monkeys forgot the lyrics to hit ‘Mardy Bum’ during Sheffield gig

Image: TikTok/@kaaaadeeemn

Fans were thrilled to see Arctic Monkeys perform at Hillsborough Park last night after waiting five years to see them; the iconic songs were not all that fans took away from the show.

What Happened During the Concert?

The successful band played two sold-out nights at Hillsborough Park, their first hometown show since their 5-year break. The iconic venue in Sheffield has seen the likes of Queen (1977) and the yearly Tramlines Festival, whose 2023 line-up includes the Blossoms, Kate Nash, and Courtneers. The setlist featured the band’s most successful hits, featuring ‘Why’d you only call me when you’re high?’, ‘505’, and the infamous ‘Mardy Bum.’ During ‘Mardy Bum’ Alex Tuner turned to the audience for lyric reassurance as he appeared confused and stumbled over lyrics.

Turner has no doubt sung those exact lyrics countless times since the song’s release in 2006, but during the show in Sheffield they clearly disappeared from his mind entirely.

Emily Brown

Repeated Mistakes?

Fans have been quick to spot lead singer Alex Turner forgetting lyrics to his songs. Seen when Turner lost the words to ‘Arabella’ during a Paris Concert at the Accor Arena.

Yet the band’s loyal fans recognize the longevity of the songs and how long the band has been away from live performances, often finding humor or appreciation in Alex Turner and his slip-ups.

Fan Responses

Arctic Monkeys has a loyal fan base, mainly due to the continual presence of the band for over 20 years. The current UK tour features a strong set list; fans were ecstatic to learn ‘Mardy Bum’ was on the list after a 10-year hiatus of playing the hit single. Despite singer Alex Turner’s mistake with the lyrics, the loud audience at Hillsborough Park reminded Turner of his mistake.

As soon as Alex sang, there was an immediate reaction, and everyone began to sing along with him. He then proceeded to quickly move on to what would have been a second chorus, but unfortunately, he couldn’t perform it correctly due to not remembering all of its words.

Emma Winters

Although a mistake on Alex Tuners’ part, the error is a reminder of the struggles touring can place on artists, especially after years away from the stage. Arctic Monkeys continued to deliver an explosive and energetic gig, with fans still admiring the band today.

Significance of Home Shows

The band formed in Sheffield over 20 years ago, with their first gig at a local pub, ‘The Grapes.’ Years on, they would headline and sell out the 39,000-capacity venue ‘Hillsborough Park,’ two nights in a row, only two miles from the small establishment. For the Artic Monkeys, returning to Sheffield and this large venue symbolised their continual success, and loyal fan base after a five year hiatus.

Sheffield’s prodigal sons of rock n’roll make a heroic homecoming, Diving into their diverse discography at Hillsborough Park, Arctic Monkeys rolled back the years with a blistering set that offered something for every kind of fan.

Jordan King

Whats Next for the Artic Monkeys?

The band will return to Europe and headline three nights at London’s Emirates Stadium. At the end of the month, the band will headline the infamous ‘Glastonbury Festival’ for the third time in their musical career. No matter the mishaps on stage, the Band is known and successful in their live performances, with fans continually demanding more.

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