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The Best Things to Smith on ‘Runescape’: All You Need To Know

A comprehensive guide of the very best items to smith in Runescape for leveling your smithing level and profit.

Image Credit: Jagex Limited

What items are the best to level smithing, and what are the best items to make to sell?

Runescape has been around for over twenty years, launching in 2001. Despite its age, the game still attracts new players and accommodates seasoned veterans. But, if you are a new player, you may need help figuring out where to start once you finish the tutorial. It would help if you found the optimal way to boost your level or the best items to sell. Say you were looking to smith some things, which ones should you make? Which ones aren’t worth the time? Fear not! This guide will carry you through smithing from the lowest levels to the coveted 99 smithing.

Starting Out: Levels 1 through 30

When leveling smithing, to help you coast through the earlier levels, the best items to smith at these low levels are bronze items. Bronze items are not only useful for level smithing, but bronze equipment is also excellent starting equipment. However, the only thing you could smith at level one is bronze bars. However, once you level up, you can use those bards to create bronze equipment that grants more smithing experience and sell for much more than bronze bars. Bronze bars may be less helpful for leveling in later levels; however, bronze items are some of the easiest to create, so smithing and selling bronze weapons and armor is an excellent way to earn money. Unlike the other ores, which have a chance to fail while smithing, bronze has a 100% smithing success rate, so keep that in mind when smithing higher-level ores and equipment. Though bronze does not carry this risk, it is a quick, accessible, and reliable means to level smithing and earn money in the early game.

The Knights Sword: A Shortcut to Level 29

If smithing low-level bronze equipment sounds too time-consuming to slog through lower levels, you are in luck. The quest “The Knight’s Sword” instantly boosts the player to smithing level 29 on its completion. However, the player will lose the profit from smithing and selling bronze items, so keep that in mind if you use this method.

Moving up in the world: Levels 30 through 50

Once you reach a higher smithing level, bronze will stop being as profitable. So, around smithing level 20, the player unlocks the ability to smith steel items. In the time between bronze and steel items, other ores exist, such as iron and blue; however, for the risk of failed smithing attempts, the consistency of bronze is paramount in the early game. However, if leveling up the smithing skill is all you’re after, smithing steel bars in ample quantities is the optimal way to get you through the midgame levels. Mythril bars are also available to smith at level 30; however, they are much rarer and require more coal, so it is advised to wait to smith those for the experience.

The Optimal Steel Bar Strategy.

Runescape players have determined that the optimal way to boost smithing experience in levels 30 through 50 is to smith steel bars en masse at the Blast Furnace in Keldagrim. It requires a coal bag, coal ore, and steel ore. The process entails the player placing 27 coal on the conveyer belt, then retrieving 27 coal and Steel from the item bank. Next, the player will put all 54 coal and 27 steel on the conveyor, take the 27 steel bars made to the item bank, and repeat the process. Many players have tested this method and are the optimal way up until level 50 smithing.

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A player mining in Runescape. Image Credit: Jagex Limited

Back to Mythril: Level 50 through 70

The best metal for smithing from level 50 through 70 is Mythril. The optimal technique is the same as with Steel; however, you will need more coal. Myhtril requires four coal to smelt rather than the two needed for Steel. Also unlocking after level fifty are several quests to boost your smithing level. The Doric’s Task quest line is particularly effective in increasing smithing.

Adamantite: Level 70 through 85

The penultimate ore is Adamantite, best spent to smith adamant bars. However, unlike the other metals, adamantine requires laminate to smelt rather than coal, so keep that in mind. Adamant bars are effective experience gain and an excellent item to sell, being quite valuable!

Ultimate Ore, Rune: Level 85 through 99

Finally, the last metal to smith to boost your smithing to max level is Rune Bars. Rune bars are the most profitable metal for selling and can be crafted into full gear! The optimal smithing strategy is the same as Steel’s, though it requires twice as much coal.

Smithing Maxxed!

99 is the level cap for the smithing stat, so you’ll only need to smith for money and gear. But players can relax, as the smithing grind is far behind them. Though, it would be ill-advised to neglect the other stats. After all, what good is the smithing levels if you don’t have the mining level to get the ores? So be sure to spend your time leveling accordingly and leveling optimally in Runescape.

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