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Playstation Develops Virtual Reality Gloves That Include Feeling Sensations

The ability to feel textures, pressures, and shapes of objects in game play.

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Recently, Sony has released and patented a pair of gloves that is compatible with Playstation’s VR. By providing all-feeling sensations, this new technology will be used in partner with up and coming virtual reality games. It has been reported that these gloves will be able to let users feel textures, pressures, and shapes of virtual reality objects, becoming a game changer for the VR world.

Virtual Reality is often pictured as head mounted display goggles and hand controllers. This allows the user’s mind to trick them into thinking they are emerged into the game play, making for a more authentic and exciting experience. Never before have these games been experienced in a physical sense as well though. In light of recent developments, full-body virtual reality may even become a reality.

If Sony has created gloves that simulate body sensations, could they potentially develop an entire suit for users to wear? How far are these companies willing to take this technology? Afraid yet?

playstation virtual reality
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Virtual Reality

Way back in 1989 the very first Power Glove was released as an early rendition of virtual reality technology. It was intended to be paired with certain games, but didn’t sell well due to being difficult to use. Today, Sony has claimed to have produced a more modern product that uses “feedback” to enable feeling to the user.

Better stated in the patent application itself:

“A system and method of using a peripheral device for interfacing with a virtual reality scene generated by a computer for presentation on a head-mounted display. The peripheral device includes a haptic device capable of being placed in contact with a user and a haptic feedback controller for processing instructions for outputting a haptic signal to the haptic device. The haptic feedback controller receiving the instructions from the computer so that haptic feedback of the haptic device changes to correspond to a user’s virtual interactions with a virtual object in the virtual reality scene as presented on the head mounted display.”

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Virtual reality hasn’t quite taken off yet and entered the mainstream gaming (Playstation) world. With this new technology though, it can be predicted to become a revolutionary adaptation to the user experience.

Gaming as we know it may become something anew while simulating a much more up close and personal reality.

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