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Mobile Version of Mario Kart to be Released This Year!

Can March just get here already?

Image Via: Ludlow Assembly Rooms

Praise the video game gods, Nintendo is finally releasing a smartphone compatible version of Mario Kart.

Mario Kart is unmatchable in the video game world. There was Diddy Kong racing and Crash Bandicoot racing, but let’s be real here, nothing comes close to Mario Kart. And because Mario Kart is so popular, I wonder why they haven’t thought about doing this sooner. I mean, who doesn’t have a smartphone nowadays right?

Well, according to this tweet, 2019 is the year.

Though the tweet is a little dated, I’m sure they will keep to their word about the release. Not many updates about the app have been released so I’m banking on this to be accurate. I am sure they are just itching to get it out on the market because they must know how successful it will be. Even if you have never played Mario Kart, it is almost a guarantee that you at least know who Mario is. Play your Angry Birds and your Candy Crush now, because once this is released it will be the only thing you will want to play. Happy karting!

In the meantime, check out this VR version of Mario Kart.

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