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Everything You Need to Know Before You Watch Zoey 102

Zoey 102 is almost here. Before it airs, let’s get a recap of what’s already happened and what we expect to happen in the movie.

Credit: Paramount+

Reboots are everywhere. From iCarly to The Thundermans, even Good Burger. Now it’s happening again. Zoey 101 is back. The new movie, Zoey 102, will be streamed on Paramount Plus on July 27, 2023. The characters that we have all grown up with in our childhood are coming over to the big screen, only this time it’s all grown up. Jamie Lynn Spears reprises the main role and some of the familiar faces come around to celebrate Quinn and Logan’s wedding. Here’s a twist of what we might expect in the movie.

Zoey 101

Credit: Nickelodeon

First, let’s start off with the basics. For all the nostalgic boys and girls who loved Nickelodeon, Zoey 101 was one of the shows that made boarding schools look cool! The show aired on Nickelodeon from 2005 to 2008 and is still available to stream on Netflix and Paramount Plus. Not only does everyone sing to its iconic theme song but they can relate this show to the ideal boarding school life and filled with the experiences that you wished that you had growing up. The beautiful campus, incredible dorm rooms and not to mention being able to speed on a motorcycle to get to class! Aside from the fancy life, it starred the protagonist Zoey getting into crazy situations with her friends at PCA. As we say, it’s the typical high school drama filled with boring teachers, homework and crushes along the way.

What’s Already Happened?

Zoey and Chase

Credit: Nickelodeon

At the start of the series, Zoey is just your normal teenage girl. She’s just joined a boarding school with her brother. It used to be an all-boys school but now has the addition of girls. In the 1st episode, the first student Zoey meets is Chase, played by Sean Flynn. A sweet guy but sometimes an accident pro! As the series progresses, the two become extremely close friends but even from the 1st episode, Chase wants to be more. It shows him doing anything and everything to be with Zoey but at the same time doing anything that will just make her happy. But Zoey never saw it until it was too late. Eventually, the two end up becoming a couple by the end of the series once Zoey finally realizes how she feels.


Credit: Paramount+

Let’s just say that there were a few people who noticed Chase’s crush straight away like his roommate and best friend, Michael played by Christopher Massey. Every character needs a sidekick, a best friend by his side and that’s just who Michael is. A funny guy and a gentleman at his finest! Having great talents such as singing and even playing the flute! Along with Chase, he ran the Michael and Chase show on the internet doing funny skits and interesting stunts. But aside from being Chase’s friend, he’s an extremely loyal friend to Zoey and the two have an eccentric bond.

Quinn and Logan

Credit: Paramount+

Now moving on from the Zoey and Chase situation, we have Zoey’s roommates coming into play. First off, there’s Quinn Pensky, played by Erin Sanders. later becoming Zoey’s roommate and one of her best friends. This isn’t the only Nickelodeon show she’s been in. Remember her as the dramatic actress in Big Time Rush? Anyway, Quinn is a very intelligent and eccentric science whiz but these experiments never go right no matter how many times she plans it. The most important thing in any series is character development and we can definitely notice that. At the beginning, her main interest was science and freaky experiments. But as she becomes closer with her friends, she gains more confidence in herself and a part of the group. Even to have a romantic crush along with it! 

And that boy was none other than Chase’s other roommate, Logan Reese played by Matthew Underwood. He’s your typical rich boy – conceited, selfish, snobby. Yet he’s every girl’s dream for his good looks and charm. The same form of character development goes. Believe it or not, Quinn and Logan become a couple, accepting each other for who they are. You know what they say – opposites attract.

Who’s Coming, Who’s Joining?

Credit: Paramount+

The movie will have most of the main characters returning to the, well, computer screen with Jamie Lynn Spears, Sean Flynn, Christopher Massey, Erin Sanders and Matthew Underwood, along with the two recurring characters of the show, Abby Wilde and Jack Salvatore Jr.. Wilde played Stacey, a girl who wasn’t able to pronounce her S’s properly, something that a lot of us laughed at every now and again. The gang didn’t always speak to her but now she’s making her debut to bring us all laughter again! Jack Salvatore Jr. played Mark, Quinn’s ex-boyfriend. Although the two had broken up after he cheated, it may be likely that they remained friends after what happened or there may be conflict in the movie that might be entertaining?

But whilst we have the old cast arriving, we also have the new cast with Audrey Whitby! She’s been known to have starred in many recent TV shows such as The Thundermans and So Random. Although it hasn’t been shown in the trailer who she’ll be playing, I’m looking forward to her performances and maybe some comedic moments too!

What to Expect in The Movie

In the series, Zoey was the problem solver but this time, she has a problem of her own. She’s just been asked to be the maid of honor for her best friend, Quinn! But it’s likely Chase, her presumably ex-boyfriend, would show up. Not the ideal situation that you would want to be in. Now that they’re adults, are they gonna be enjoying their adult lives? For now, let’s just enjoy a reunion for the PCA friends. iCarly has already made the world go crazy by bringing on Creddie but does that mean there’s gonna be a Chase and Zoey in play? As we say, they’re all grown up and ready for action.

Here’s the trailer right here!

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