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The Latest on The Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell Cheating Scandal

PR stunt or Hollywood cheating scandal of the decade?

'Top Gun: Maverick' actor, Glen Powell, and 'Euphoria' actress Sydney Sweeney.
(Left) Credit: Bill Ingalls/Wikimedia: Glen Powell at the premier for the 2016 film 'Hidden Figures'. (Right) Alfred Marroquin/Wikimedia: Sydney Sweeney in recent interview with Dazed as part of the 'Make your own good luck' campaign.

Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney and Top Gun: Maverick star, Glen Powell, have sparked numerous cheating rumors since the actors finished filming for the upcoming romcom Anyone But You.

Sweeney and Powell play each other’s romantic interest in the not-yet-released film. The rom-com genre does provide a reasonable explanation for their palpable chemistry. Nonetheless, fans have speculated that this romance goes beyond the filming based on the pair’s behavior behind the scenes.

The pair began filming in Australia for Anyone But You at the beginning of 2022. The film, directed by Will Gluck, follows two lovers on a seemingly chaotic holiday who cannot stay away from each other. It is set to be released in December of this year.

The affair would indeed be a scandal given that both actors were in committed relationships at the time of filming. Sydney Sweeney has been engaged to her fiancé, Jonathan Davino, since February 2022. Meanwhile, Glen Powel was known to be dating his model girlfriend, Gigi Paris, since 2019.

Where Did The Rumors Start?

While it is difficult to pinpoint the exact moment the cheating rumors began, many people started to side-eye the actors after a recent photoshoot on a yacht. Sweeney and Powell could be seen sitting very close to one another, seeming a little too close for comfort.

The shoot did serve a professional purpose though, promoting Sweeney’s new bikini line with Frankies Bikinis.

The two have also posted together regularly on social media, making it clear that they have grown close. The rumors of a secret relationship only elevated when a video of Sweeney doing a trust fall on top of Powell surfaced online. Following the video, the internet unsurprisingly started to buzz with speculations about the two.

What is The Latest?

Both Sweeney and Powell have been rumored to be newly single amid the scandal. While neither have confirmed this publicly, Powell’s ex took to Instagram where she posted a series of cryptic stories indicating a recent heartbreak. In it, she wrote: “Know your worth & onto the next.” Gigi also unfollowed Sydney Sweeney, further fueling the cheating rumors. Some fans have noted that Sydney never followed Gigi back in the first place as an alternative explanation.

Sweeney and Davino have not publicly indicated a break-up and were seen out together as recently as last week. Fans have additionally noted that Powell and Paris broke up earlier this year, not due to the recent cheating rumors. The couple, however, never confirmed an exact timing of their relationship breakdown. Nonetheless, Paris’s not-so-subtle messages on social media hint at a fresh breakup.

The question remains, is it a PR stunt? It would not be the first time a love narrative was fabricated for marketing purposes. However, it would also not be the first time an affair took place on a film set. Brad and Angelina’s infamous relationship is a prime example and one that the public still recalls to this day. If it is a PR stunt, it has certainly got people talking about the film.

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