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‘The Bachelorette’ Star Logan Palmer Pens Candid Message About His Mental Health Struggles

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“The Bachelorette” star Logan Palmer penned a candid message about his mental health.

Logan Palmer shared on Instagram that Logan Palmer has “struggled” with his well-being since the age of 12 and found the process of competing on a reality TV show “more difficult” than he “ever thought possible.”

“Destructive thoughts and constant doubt are hurdles that I think everyone relates to at some point but not everyone talks about,” he wrote. “I want to be transparent about that part of my journey too, and I hope I can be a safe place for others who struggle with it. Acknowledging my mental health and how it affects those around me will be a priority in my life moving forward.”

He admitted that his time on the ABC series “wasn’t all roses” but assured viewers that he was “grateful” for the opportunity.

“I figured it was something new, it was an adventure. But I came out the other side with much more than an experience. I came out of this with real feelings, strong emotions, lessons learned, and a lot to be grateful for,” he explained.

The videographer also apologized to “Bachelorette” Rachel Recchia in his post.

Logan Palmer acknowledged that the “stars didn’t quite align” for him and Windey, but he thanked her for making Logan Palmer a “better person.”

“Watching myself on Monday nights gave me a different perspective,” he wrote. “I will always be someone who will steer with their heart whether it is popular or not. But in the future, I want to lead with intention and pursue with purpose. I am ready to bring those lessons back into to my life.”

Palmer quietly left the show with host Jesse Palmer telling Windey, 31, that her contestant had tested positive for COVID-19.

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