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Johnny Depp’s Film Rocks Cannes with Incredible 7-Minute Standing Ovation

Johnny Depp Says “I Don’t Bother with Hollywood” After Controversial Cannes Appearance.

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard
Image Source: Denis Makarenko / Shutterstock

Johnny Depp was all choked up, tears welling in his eyes, after his film got a roaring welcome at the Cannes Film Festival. I mean, you should’ve seen the video shared by Variety on social media. The dude was visibly moved, and the crowd went nuts, giving him a standing ovation that lasted a solid seven minutes.

The film he’s in is called “Jeanne du Barry,” where he plays the former King of France, Louis XV. It’s his first project since that crazy defamation trial with his ex-wife, Amber Heard, last summer. And guess what? They both got found liable for defamation, but Johnny got the bigger slice of the damages pie.

During the press conference at Cannes, Depp got deep, talking about these mysterious “abstract whispers.” He straight up said, “All that stuff you’ve been reading about me and my life in the past few years? It’s like some wild, nightmarish work of fiction, man.”

But you know what he really cares about? Making a film that he’s passionate about. He said, “Forget about all that noise. The real deal is that it’s a freaking miracle to get a film made that you actually give a damn about. And that’s a victory right there, my friends.”

According to Variety, Depp also dropped a line about not feeling boycotted by Hollywood. He’s like, “Hollywood? Nah, I don’t even think about it, man.”

Now, let’s talk about “Jeanne du Barry.” It’s all about this lady named Jeanne Bécu, Comtesse du Barry, a.k.a. Madame du Barry, who was one of the mistresses of King Louis XV. Juicy stuff, right?

Back in April, Cannes bigwig Thierry Frémaux spilled the beans to Deadline about why they chose to kick off the festival with Depp’s flick. He called it a “beautiful film” and said they wanted it to hit French theaters at the same time. Gotta get the whole country in on the action, you know? And Frémaux couldn’t help but gush about Depp, saying the dude is straight-up magnificent as Louis XV. Damn!

So there you have it, folks. Johnny Depp got emotional, Cannes went wild, and “Jeanne du Barry” is causing a stir. It’s a rollercoaster ride of fame and passion, and Depp is soaking it all in.

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