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Barbara Corcoran, 74, Channels Martha Stewart’s Iconic ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’ Pose in Stunning White Bathing Suit

Martha Stewart’s Romantic Life Sizzles as She Rocks Bold Swimsuit on Sports Illustrated Cover.

Barbara Corcoran/Instagram

Check out what Barbara Corcoran has been up to lately! So, after Martha Stewart‘s sizzling Sports Illustrated Swimsuit spread hit the scene, our favorite Shark Tank star, who’s a sprightly 74 years old, decided to give it a shot herself. Can you believe it?

Now, take a peek at the Instagram photo she shared with us on Thursday. There she is, rocking a V-neck white one-piece bathing suit, looking like a million bucks, with this makeshift orange satin shawl draped over her shoulders. Picture her chilling on a lounge chair, legs crossed, flashing a big ol’ smile right at the camera. Oh, and don’t miss the view outside the window, lush greenery and towering Manhattan buildings. Fancy, right?

Now, in her Instagram carousel, the next photo is Martha Stewart’s magazine cover. And let me tell you, Martha’s flaunting her stuff in a plunging bathing suit and an oversized gold jacket against a tropical backdrop in the Dominican Republic. Talk about glam!

Barbara’s caption for the photos is a hoot: “I can’t cook, but I sure can swim. @si_swimsuit @marthastewart48.” She’s not shy about poking fun at herself, that’s for sure. And guess what? She even added a cheeky question on her Instagram Story, asking if you’ve seen her, all while tagging Martha Stewart herself. That’s some crafty camaraderie right there!

Now, let’s hear it from the grande dame herself, Martha Stewart, who spilled the beans exclusively to PEOPLE. At a vibrant 81 years old, she spilled the tea about this “once in a lifetime” gig. And you know what? She’s got a wicked sense of humor, saying, “It should have been 30 years ago. That would have been great. It was not a goal I set for myself, but once asked, I thought to myself, let’s do it!”

She’s all about tackling challenges, whether they’re about beauty, intellect, or even philanthropy. To her, it’s about standing tall and going for it. And she’s having a blast, let me tell you! She sees this as a major accomplishment that not just anyone could pull off.

Now, let’s talk about how Martha prepared for this big day. She stuck to her regular skincare and wellness routine—Pilates, facials—the whole shebang. And get this, she even abstained from alcohol and got a spray tan to look extra special for the occasion. Talk about dedication!

But here’s the thing, she had to keep an open mind about those swimsuits (and nothing else because she’s all about showing off that fabulous décolleté). Picture this, the night before the shoot, she tried on countless bathing suits and outfits. They were adjusting, pulling, and straightening her up. Modesty went right out the window, my friend, but she grinned and bore it all like a true pro. That’s our Martha!

So there you have it, the latest adventure from our beloved Barbara Corcoran and the timeless Martha Stewart. Who says age stops you from having a little fun? These ladies are breaking the mold and leaving us all in awe. Keep shining, ladies!

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