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The Golden Gate Bridge Now ‘Sings’ in the Wind

The Golden Gate Bridge now emits a peaceful humming noise – listen here!

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA at sunset.

Imagine this: Making your way down fast the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in foggy San Francisco, CA, maybe going on a hike through a nearby trail, and a peculiar humming settles over the bay. San Francisco residents were taken off guard by the “singing,” which some could hear from their homes miles away. However, there is a very scientific explanation for the harmonizing. Watch a clip below to experience the strange, almost alien-like sound. 

Due to the newly fitted railing slats that are covering the edges of the bridge, designed to combat wind resistance, the wind hitting them now creates an ethereal noise as well. City Officials from San Francisco Quality of Life Authority cleared up this mystery in a tweet: 

“Sorry this is happening. The Golden Gate Bridge Sargent reports the low humming noise is related to high winds blowing through the newly installed railing slats along the bike path on the bridge.”

However, while thrown off, the residents of SF were not too perturbed by this new addition to their eclectic city. Some couldn’t resist the 2020 jokes:

“The Golden Gate Bridge learned how to scream which is perfect for 2020.”

“Extremely 2020: the new railings on the Golden Gate Bridge produce a constant, ominous hum in high winds that is audible for miles.”

Image from User Domas/ Pexels

One resident tweeted: 

“I would also mention that up close and with no people around, the sound was both surreal and peaceful, as if someone’s playing a very sad meditation song on surround sound. P.S. you really can’t hear it much ON the Golden Gate Bridge itself.”

Can’t argue with that logic. As of now, the singing is here to remain in the background of San Francisco urban life. City Officials are unsure how to “fix” the issue, so maybe it will make an interesting tourist attraction. Speaking of tourist attractions, click here to watch a brave long-boarder traverse the Mountains of Norway!

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