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Industry Shakedown Reaches The End Of Beginning.

5 years high and rising. The Brothas and Sistas of P1P toasts to a half decade of Industry Shakedown.

Cristina Santiago/Red Room Radio

“And when I’m back in Chicago, I feel it, another version of me I was in it. I wave goodbye to the end of beginning.” These are lyrics from the hit song “End of Beginning” by Djo. For the big three of Industry Shakedown and the good folks at Phantast1c Productionz (P1P), these words couldn’t be more true. As the year turned to 2024, media’s favorite hooligans saw times that were beyond great, but other times where things seemed challenging.

Credit: YouTube, Djo

As Industry Shakedown enters its 5th year of existence the Brothas and Sistas of P1P recount the times where were triumphant, the times where they came up short, and the times where they had to regroup. An old era ends as Industry Shakedown Reaches The End of Beginning.

2019 – When It Was Just Two Brothas!

In an earlier article, we spoke with the then roster about the history of Industry Shakedown. Well, since there is no changing the past, that story still stands. However, Trill Mag has once again spoken with the honchos of P1P to expand more on their origin story.

“Well, again, I originally didn’t want a duo show.” Shane Kidd-Walker explained. “I wasn’t completely interested. When Do-Right approached me about it I was like, let’s do our own things first.” Shane originally hosted “SK-W’s Time Machine” a program that we mentioned in our previous article about Media’s favorite hooligans. At the same time, Brotha Do-Right (Tyler Jefferson), was hosting “Movie, News and Chill.”

When the Fall semester bled into the Spring semester, the two took their talents to primetime college radio on Alcorn State’s WPRL 91.7 FM. “I didn’t say this last time, but that series premiere episode was like a fairytale,” Shane said. “I had made friends with a few people that Fall. When Tyler and I went live as a duo for the first time, everyone was there. We brought in Industry Shakedown as a unit. That still runs today.”

2022 – The Return

When Industry Shakedown returned in the Spring of 2022, the cast was off to the races. This time, the cast had five, instead of two. This time around, it wasn’t just Shane and Tyler, but the edition of [name redacted], Brandon “Beezy” Corbin, Kris “KB” Brown, and [other name redacted]. Things were off to a “phantast1c” start. “Man we was rolling,” Beezy said to Trill Mag. “We are all different individuals, but we do have a lot of things in common. I think that’s where our chemistry as podcasters and producers came into play.”

With their differing styles clashing in a positive way, Industry Shakedown quickly became one of Relvnt’s most popular non original series. “We were trending every week we went live.” KB said. “It was non-stop fun. From our creative meetings, to our War Rooms, to our writings, we were having a great time.” With all of the good times, came bad. And the following year, put the pressure on those within P1P. While riding high on the success of Industry Shakedown, things on a corporate level would change.

2023 – The Downs

In the Summer of 2023, Relvnt switched to Pro Sports Fans (PSF). With that came the slowing of Industry Shakedown’s momentum. “When they switched to primarily sports shows it took so much away from us,” Shane said. “It took the shine off of the Culture/Lifestyle podcasts. That took away us trending, promotion, and viewership.” Apart from the switch inner-turmoil began with the cast. [Names redacted] end up leaving the show in controversial fashion.

ISD Red Logo/Ereiyal Cartwright

“It got to a point where the n***a was pissing me off on a daily,” Shane said. “And it didn’t help that logical reasoning was beyond this dude. From going over our head on what was supposed to be team decisions to taunting us on social media, like my guy calm your little ass down. Be humble!” With tensions brewing within the cast, the show went from five to only three. “It was hard at first,” Shane said. “I can’t speak for KB and Beezy, but for me, when we lost [names redacted], we had to shuffle, season 4 started off as a shit-show. But KB, Beezy and the rest of P1P rallied around me and we got shit going.”

2024 – Expansion

Despite the negativity that plagued P1P in the later stages of 2023, the team found a way to be productive and start something that they can be proud of. “Well we have our own magazine out now,” Beezy stated. “Shane just text us in the group chat and was like ‘we should make our magazine. Well we put out our first edition out in January to rave reviews.”

The team feels as if PSF no longer serves them any purpose, so at the end of season 5 the Brothas of Indusrty Shakedown are taking their talents elsewhere. “Man we said f*ck it, no more promotion, we not trending no more, let’s do Spotify and Apple.” Shane said. “Like magic, KB found a way for us to do it. We got new equipment and we ready.”

Although their foundation might have been shaken the ensemble of Phantast1c Productions have found a way to solider on. “Man, I think we’re at full power right now,” Shane said. “This is the strongest I’ve ever seen the group. It’s like there’s a renewed sense of urgency now. The events of last year, I think served as a reset for us. Brotha Do-Right has returned, he contributed to the magazine for our March edition. It’s like this, we only just begun.”

5 Years and Rising

Official Anniversary Edition Cover/Cristina Santiago/Red Room Radio

This year marks the 5th consecutive year (4th non-consecutive year) that Industry Shakedown has been around. “I wanted to do something special for everyone that I’ve come across over the last eight years.” Shane said. “It’s been so many amazing people that I’ve worked with. For example I wrote a piece on Ereiyal Cartwright last Summer. It was honestly the best thing I’ve written and she’s one hell of a human being and a fantastic designer. Paper Route should be very proud to have her in their ranks.”

P1P is currently in the midst of producing an anniversary edition of their publication. For Shane, he calls this a ‘love letter.’ “It’s my way of saying thanks to everyone over the last eight years,” he said. “I want everyone who’s name is on that cover to know how much they mean to me. Beezy, Ja’Me, KB, Tyler, Do-Right, Vintage, my mom, DC, Lonni, Slim, My Foster Dad, Dani, Chante and everyone else, thanks, thanks a lot.”

The final PSF season of Industry Shakedown begins Monday April 22, 2024.

Written By

Shane Kidd-Walker is a Graduate Film Student at Florida State University. He is also an alumnus of Hinds Community College and THE Alcorn State University.

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