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How Influencer Marketing is Redefining Brand Collaborations

Kim Cattrall in Skims? I must buy the entire collection!

Amelia Dimoldenberg, SZA, Nelly Furtado and Kim Cattrall photo collage
Credit: Shutterstock/Jamie Lamor Thompson/s_buckley/Fred Duval/G Holland

It is known that social media can be used to create careers out of nothing- take Justin Bieber, for example. He made it by posting videos on YouTube, getting noticed by record labels, and is now one of the most successful pop musicians of our generation.

In the fashion world, it has become a common trend to make favorite celebrities and influencers the face of new collections and lines. The strategy is known as ‘Influencer Marketing’.

A Breakdown Of Influencer Marketing

The basic idea of using the ‘Influencer Marketing’ strategy is to help engage with a specific audience to promote a specific product. There is often a specific focus, such as beauty or fashion.

The influencers are trusted by their audience to give real, and honest opinions about the item they’re promoting, and in turn, the brand gains new customers from a specific demographic.

Many brands choose to partner with celebrities and influencers as a marketing scheme, from affordable everyday brands to designer and luxury companies.

It is one of the best ways to reach a specific, researched audience and begin to curate a new following from that demographic.

Here are some of the best examples of celebrity and fashion collaborations of the year.

Amelia Dimoldenberg X Levi’s

Starting out with her ‘Chicken Shop Dates’ in 2011 for a youth magazine, growing her popularity on YouTube, and eventually becoming an interviewer for red carpet events, Dimoldenberg has definitely secured her status as a celebrity rather than an influencer.

From interviewing famous musicians, such as Matty Healy of The 1975 to American-British journalist Louis Theroux, she has risen in the ranks and become a national treasure of the UK.

Amelia Dimoldenberg for Levi's 150th Anniversary of the 501 jeans.
Amelia Dimoldenberg modeling the infamous 501 Levi’s jeans. Credit: Levi’s Official Website

This is why her collaboration with Levi’s came as no shock. Her down-to-earth and easygoing nature matches perfectly with the relaxed, subtle style Levi’s tends to lean into.

Whilst she is known for her eccentric style, showcased on her TikTok and in her red carpet looks, her general atmosphere is a welcoming, grounding presence.

Even in her basics, she still looks effortlessly chic, as seen below.

Levi’s X Amelia Dimoldenberg ‘More Denim Please’ Digital Campaign. Credit: YouTube/Levi’s

‘Amelia’s unvarnished self-expression embodies the everyday appeal of the 501 jean. Everywhere from the shops to date night and anywhere in between, her effortless style deomastrates what makes the 501 a pop culture classic.’

‘Levi’s 150th Anniversary with Amelia Dimoldenberg’,

Chloe Burrows X JD Women

It is almost a given that any successful contestant from Love Island UK will be given a brand deal with some of the leading UK-based brands such as PrettyLittleThing, Boohoo, and ASOS to name a few.

However, one of the most stand-out collaborations from Love Island was the Chloe Burrows X JD Women. Her charming, witty, and hilarious personality set her apart from the other contestants, which is why her brand deal was so out of the ordinary.

However, it seems that everyone on Twitter at the time agreed that she was the perfect face for the company.

Chloe Burrows’ promotional video for JD Women. Credit: Twitter/JDSportsIE
Credit: Twitter/@yerr_wan

Many fans praised the collaboration, as they felt it was a perfect reflection of Chloe’s assertive yet sweet nature, which she expresses through her clothing choices.

She is both dressed up and laid back, which is perfect for the stylish yet comfortable outfits she is seen wearing in the promotional video.

Furthermore, she presents herself to be athletic and enjoys going to the gym during her time on Love Island, so partnering with a primarily activewear brand seemed to make a lot of sense to fans of her and the show.

Kim Cattrall and Nelly Furtado X Skims

Skims’ latest digital campaign had Kim Cattrall, of ‘Sex and the City’ alongside Nelly Furtado, Y2K’s favorite musician, and other iconic women of our generation.

And while reactions to the campaign have been positive about all the women, fans were focused on Cattrall and Furtado being featured just for sheer memories!

Kim Cattrall for Skims. Credits: Twitter/PopCrave

Fans were pleased to see that women of all ages are being chosen to help represent the sexy, sleek, and glamorous brand that is Skims. The girl power is shown in this digital campaign, and all of Skims’ campaigns show the energy we need today!

Known for her iconic role on ‘Sex and the City’ as Samantha Jones, a sex-positive girl boss, her feature in the newest Skims campaign is nothing short of brilliant.

Although she only portrayed this character, fans still look to Cattrall for inspiration to be the most confident version of themselves.

And Nelly Furtado, the singer of the iconic songs ‘Maneater’ and ‘Promiscuous Girl’, gave women of the 2000s the confidence and, frankly, the approval to express their sexuality with freedom and without judgment.

Skims’ ethos is all about helping women feel better about the bodies they are in, and both of these iconic ladies have done the same thing throughout their careers.

SZA X Crocs

The Grammy-winning singer SZA launched a collection of Crocs last May for Mental Health Month 2022 and another time in December 2022 before her newest album ‘SOS’ was released.

‘A chill mind deserves chill shoes,’ she wrote on her Instagram when posting about their partnership.

The May 2022 collection featured two shoes: The Classic Clog and The Classic Slide, both with a wood grain design. The December 2022 collection included her take on the ‘Cozzzy Sandal’ and ‘Crush Clog’.

Choosing SZA as a collaborator for a brand like Crocs is an incredible move. She is one of the leading voices of the Gen-Z sound, and most of her listeners probably grew up wearing Crocs, as they were most popular around the 2000s.

Singer/Songwriter SZA modelling her collection with Crocs
SZA modeling her collection with Crocs. Credit: Crocs Official Website

This makes Gen-Z the perfect audience for SZA’s range – a fashion throwback and a way to bring Crocs back into mainstream style.

Crocs and SZA also choose to donate part of the earnings to three organizations that provide or fund mental health support.

Is Influencer Marketing Successful?

All in all, the influence of celebrities is undeniable.

The way we dress, the causes we support- even the trendy hair color – it all comes down to celebrity influence.

Companies that partner with celebrities do so with the intention of connecting with a specific audience, and it is evident from the examples shown that it works.

Some of the most famous brands, especially those aimed at Gen-Z, can contribute part of their success to the people they work with, as can most brands in today’s market.

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