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What Fashion Trends Will We See in 2024?

Which ones are you most excited for?

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Fashion trends are a mystery each year for everyone, which is why many influencer stylists like to list out the ins and outs of fashion predictions for the upcoming year.

This is an enjoyable topic on social media as it allows the public to share their opinions on which trends they believe will work or flop.

As Blair Waldorf (played by Leighton Meester) once said in Gossip Girl: “Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design, and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be.”

After gathering the most common predictions by fashion creators online, I will be listing the fashion trends we are going to see in 2024, all of which I found to connect and resemble the 2000s fashion.


Fashion Trend Prediction In 2024: Bows
Credit: Pinterest/ Meera Zhao

Leading into autumn, the sighting of bows on clothing or accessories became more apparent on social media as the cottage and preppy aesthetic returned. Bows signify women bringing their childhood/girlhood into their adult lives.

What I like about bows trending is that they have a versatile usage not only in fashion but also in craftwork and home décor. This is visible on TikTok, with many users putting bows on different objects to signify girlhood in their lives.

The year 2023 is known as the year of the girl, which is why bows have started trending and why they will continue to in 2024.

This year will be a continuation of individuals finding their fitted aesthetic and style through which they can express themselves, as well as women allowing themselves to bring girlhood into adulthood.

Animal Prints

Fashion Trend Predictions In 2024: Anima Prints
Credit: Pinterest/ Lu Kuchiki

Animal prints were first brought to popularity during the 1920s when celebrities, such as Joan Crawford, helped push this trend. In the 20th Century, animal prints were seen as a sign of power, wealth, and glamour.

In 2010, animal prints were in high demand, especially during the autumn and winter seasons. Prints like leopard, cheetah, zebra, tiger, and snake prints have been most commonly seen on clothes, scarves, hats, bags, and shoes.

Influencer stylists have been predicting that animal prints will be making a comeback in 2024, which I am very enthusiastic to see. For me and many others, it might allow us to relive our childhoods and dress up like the ‘Cheetah Girls’ (a successful original Disney movie).

This year we will see animal prints being incorporated into another fashion trend that stylists have been predicting, such as fur coats.

Fur Coats

Fashion Trend Prediction In 2024: Fur Coats
Credit: Pinterest/ Jennifer Contino

During the 11th Century fur was usually worn as a symbol and statement of someone’s riches and social prestige, rather than to keep people warm. It was seen as a token of economic position.

In 2010, fur coats were widely popular, but they have declined in fashion uses due to the ethical issues surrounding the clothing item. Fur coats have since still been worn by individuals using alternatives.

During the 2023 winter season, I noticed many clothing shops selling fur coats as well as influencers wearing them in social media posts. This was a fashion prediction that stylists have mentioned in recent times and many others have been showing excitement about this trend.

However, most predictions have been mentioning the return of real fur coats rather than faux fur which might bring back a lot of controversy regarding the fashion trend and the ethical issues behind it.

I think that this trend might get a lot of backlash and will have a challenging time pleasing the public, however, if done right it might end up being one of the most essential and successful trends.

Skinny Jeans

Fashion Trend Prediction In 2024: Skinny Jeans
Credit: Pinterest/ Who What Wear

Skinny Jeans were highly popularised in the 2000s, however during the Covid-19 pandemic, TikTok users waged a war against tight-fitting jeans. This is when mom, flared, wide leg and baggy jeans became a staple in people’s wardrobes. The Standard’s article ‘Sorry Gen Z, skinny jeans are making a comeback’, talks about the dissatisfaction of Gen Z towards skinny jeans as well as the item’s downfall and uprise in greater detail.

Skinny Jeans have already been resurfacing into people’s wardrobes in 2023 during the autumn and winter seasons. Who What Wear has published a list in a recent article of influencers who were spotted wearing skinny jeans in 2023.

For some people, this fashion comeback may sound like a nightmare, but others are showing enthusiasm towards the denim pair. Most influencers don’t seem to have an issue with wearing tight-fitting jeans as long as they are styled properly.

Although I don’t see myself taking part in this trend, I think that in 2024, the public will find a way to get creative with skinny jeans and elevate their styles.


Fashion Trend Predictions In 2024: Tights
Credit: Pinterest/ Boya Arsila

Tights have been a staple in women’s wardrobes for a long time, especially during winter.

We’ve already been able to see glimpses of tights trending in 2023, however this year, it is predicted that tights will become a more elevated statement piece through colour and patterns. We are likely to see people trading the simple neutrals for brighter and bolder coloured tights.

Despite the funky pair of tights, TikTok creator @Raheema said in one of her fashion trends predictions videos:

“Just an emphasis on like a basic cherry red… I’ve been seeing them everywhere when I’m walking in the city and it’s just foreshadowing what is to come even more.”

TikTok: @Raheema

The year 2024 is said to be the year of the color red. There have already been sightings of Cherry red leather coats and bags, so perhaps we should expect to see red tights trending, too.

I definitely see myself taking part in this trend; it is a great piece of accessory that can be turned into a statement that can further people’s aesthetic and allow them to express themselves.

Statement Glasses

Fashion Trend Predictions In 2024: Statement Glasses
Credit: Pinterest/ Models & Fashion

Glasses have come a long way since they’ve been introduced to correct people’s vision. The real question is how did they become a fashion statement?

Glasses became fashionable starting from the 1970s onwards with different shapes and sizes. Celebrities have played a key role in popularising glasses as an accessory, such as John Lennon from The Beatles.

Hannah Jackson wrote in an article with Vogue that:

“My statement glasses proved to me that I didn’t have to put together an elaborate outfit every day to be well-dressed, but rather, served as a centrepiece for me to build around.”

Vogue/ Hannah Jackson

Most recently, Bayonetta glasses have been trending due to a filter on TikTok. These glasses were inspired by a video game character called Bayonetta.

These glasses have been in high demand ever since Bella Hadid made a comeback to the public eye after disappearing from social media, wearing Bayonetta glasses. Bella Hadid is known to be one of the most influential trendsetters for Gen Z. So it’s not a surprise that many individuals are following her footsteps in fashion.

Will It Work or Flop?

I think that 2024 will be a great year for the fashion industry. The upcoming trends listed above are a range of pieces of clothing that will help elevate people’s wardrobes and styles.

I think that bows and statement glasses will be the most successful trends. This is because there have already been many sightings of them online.

Two of the trends that I think will have a hard time becoming successful will be skinny jeans and fur coats. This is because of the controversies they might face. Regardless of this, people will find a way to incorporate them into wardrobes and aesthetics.

Fashion and trends change regularly, so we should not be surprised if these trends don’t last for long in 2024.

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