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6 Summer Outfits Inspired by Today’s Favorite Pop Singers

As summer approaches, the need for a stylish, functional wardrobe is high. Grab outfit inspiration from six stylish music artists.

Pop singers wearing summer outfits
(Illustration by Adina Burrow)

Summer is approaching quickly. This beloved season brings not only new weather but also begs for new styles.

If you’re anything like me, a woman who loves her long-sleeved winter fashion, finding fits for the summer heat might prove challenging. However, there is no better way to find fashion inspo than to turn to the people who inspire us.

Nobody inspires me more than my favorite musicians. And luckily, they all have sizzling styles. From SZA to Olivia Rodrigo, so many of today’s up-and-coming stars have talent in the music industry and a nose for good fashion.

Let’s explore six iconic looks from six different music icons.

1. Taylor Swift

Arguably, this is one of Swift’s most iconic street looks. To me, everything about this outfit screams “summer”. From the color scheme to the clothing to the makeup, this outfit is perfect for a breezy, blue-skied day. How to achieve this summer fit?

One of the fundamental pieces of this look is the button-up, business-professional shirt. Pairing a blouse like this with loose shorts or a mini skirt, as Swift has done here, turns this professional article into a casual top. Using similar tops and bottoms makes the outfit even more cohesive.

Oversized blue button up shirt perfect for summer.
Credit: American Eagle.

If you want a similar shirt, consider this affordable option at American Eagle for only $19.98. There are also different color options available if blue isn’t your color.

Blue and white floral mini skirt perfect for summer.
Credit: Urban Outfitters.

For a fun mini skirt option that strays from Swift’s plain light blue, this floral mini skirt from Urban Outfitters is an intriguing option. It goes for $49.00.

A matching baseball cap is a great way to not only block out the sun but also bring an okay outfit to a great one. Pairing with a solid-colored, bold shoe is always a safe but stylish option for footwear. Any fit following these guidelines will never go out of style.

2. Olivia Rodrigo

I’m so obsessed with Olivia Rodrigo’s simple, yet playful style. Just like the singer’s unapologetically authentic music, Rodrigo is never afraid to express herself with her fits. Outfits like this one are perfect for a picnic in the park or a farmer’s market trip. How to achieve the summer look?

Any sort of sundress is ideal. However, it could be fun to experiment to find what length suits you best. While Rodrigo sports a midi length dress, this look would be just as stellar with a mini dress.

Pastel yellow sundress with pink flowers that is perfect for summer.
Credit: Urban Outfitters.

The great thing about a floral sundress look? The colors and designs are endless. This yellow and pink dress is just one cute, affordable example from Urban Outfitters. It runs for $68.00.

While cowboy boots might seem like a bold choice, they are a good one! Cowboy boots bring a carefree vibe that pairs perfectly with the flowy nature of the dress.

Pair with your choice of accessories. A pair of sunglasses are always a functional and fashionable option for summer. Tie it all together, and you’re on your way to becoming a rock star!

3. Conan Gray

It would be wrong to discuss Rodrigo’s style without mentioning her equally talented and fashionable bestie, Conan Gray. While his street style may be more relaxed, it serves as a great reminder that good outfits can be simple. This fit is perfect for any activity out on the town. How to achieve the summer look?

The star of this outfit is the graphic tee. Graphic tees are a great way to be able to express yourself. Any artist’s merch could work perfectly for this. Or, walk to your favorite thrift store if you’re into a more vintage look. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Image: Hot Topic

If you’re lost, this graphic tee from Hot Topic would work greatly for this type of outfit. And as a bonus, it’s the perfect pick for fans of Conan Gray. Currently, it is on sale for $19.92.

Graphic tees pair greatly with any denim. While Gray is wearing jeans here, that might not be the best option on extra hot days. This same outfit would excel with denim shorts or even a denim skirt. Making a fit this simple yet so satisfying will make you feel like you’ve found heaven.

4. SZA

Despite how sad some of SZA’s music is, her style is anything but. SZA is never afraid to bring together pieces that look like they shouldn’t match at all. Outfits like this are sure to make you the life of the party. How do you achieve this summer look?

The key to achieving a similar fit as this one? Bright! Colors! The bold primary colors in this look bring such a fun vibe that is perfect for the summer sun. Any solid-colored or patterned crop top is ideal. A collared shirt like this one makes this fit even more interesting, but of course, it is not necessary.

Stripped navy blue, white, and bright green cropped polo shirt, perfect for a SZA inspired summer look.
Credit: American Eagle.

A cropped polo like this one from American Eagle is the perfect idea for this look. Currently, this is running for $17.98.

Pair your top with a funky bottom. A brightly patterned skirt like SZA’s can make this outfit more feminine, or you can opt for a pair of colored cargo pants if you’re going for a more masculine look.

As always, accessorize! Here, SZA opts for a solid-colored, chunky belt to tie the fit together. If you don’t have that on hand, I think a big, bright purse or any statement jewelry could also do the trick. Don’t snooze on this bold fit until you try it!

5. Reneé Rapp

Reneé Rapp also seems to have simpler outfits at times. However, she is the queen of knowing how to accessorize. An outfit like this is ideal for any hot day when you need a cool, versatile fit. How do you achieve this summer look?

The all-black clothing is what makes this fit look so chic. Pairing a black bralette with a black blazer or thin coat is a good way to elevate a simple fit. Yet, it is still versatile in the summer since the coat can just come off if you get too hot. Add a pair of your favorite black sunglasses, and then you’re ready to take on the summer heat.

Black oversized faux leather blazer, perfect for a Renee Rapp inspired summer look.
Credit: Zara.

This oversized jacket from Zara is not only perfect for this fit, but it is also a perfect closet staple for all year round. Right now, it is on sale for $49.99.

However, if this look is too plain for you, adding jewelry is a great way to spice it up. Layering necklaces like Rapp has done here instantly makes this fit look so much fancier. And the best thing about all black: it’s a win-win for silver and gold lovers. Though there isn’t much to this super chic fit, it will leave you looking like you could poison poison!

6. Sabrina Carpenter

A summer fashion article wouldn’t be complete without the iconic Sabrina Carpenter. Both on and off the stage, Carpenter has some of the most stunning hyper-feminine fashion. A look like this one is perfect for any hot nights out on the town.

How do you achieve this summer look?

Monochrome is the name of the game for this outfit. Pink is such a bright, fun color, perfect for dazzling summer nights. However, bright colors like orange, yellow, and light blue could also be perfect for this sort of look.

Light pink matching corset top and mini skirt, perfect for a Sabrina Carpenter inspired summer look.
Credit: Edikted.

This matching set from Edikted gives off perfect Sabrina vibes. The mini skirt is on sale for $33.00 and the matching corset top is also on sale for $31.00.

Carpenter also plays around with different patterns in this look, with a chevron pattern on her top and a swirl pattern on her bottoms. The glittery pink skirt cover-up and the metallic pink purse bring an extra shine to this look that catches people’s eye.

Pink metallic purse, perfect for a pink summer look.
Credit: White Fox Boutique.

If you’re going for the all-pink look, this metallic purse from White Fox is a super fun pick. It currently retails for just $29.99.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different aspects of this fit. As long as you keep it monochrome, you’ll be looking sweet like espresso!

Fans dance along to an electric nighttime concert. Credit: Pexels/Rahul Pandit.

As you can see, there are so many ways to heat up your wardrobe this summer. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Wear what makes you feel good. And most importantly, express yourself!

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