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6 Ways You Can Achieve the ‘Tube Girl’ Effect

If ‘Tube Girl’ can be confident filming herself in front of random strangers, we can play around with fashion’s crazy styles without feeling embarrassed too!

Tube girl confidence
Credit: Unsplash/Kevin Laminto

‘Tube Girl,’ 22-year-old Sabrina Bahsoon, has taken over TikTok with her confidence-inducing videos.

Watching and recreating her TikToks has become a common practice by many due to its power to raise self-esteem.

However, for those who aren’t ready to film themselves in front of strangers on public transport, here are a few styles you can try to feel more confident about.


And you guys really make it fun 😈@JuicyCoutureUk #tubegirl

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1) Double Denim

During an interview with Vogue, Rebecca Lucy Taylor, Self-esteem, said, “My goal is to feel confident in anything,” as she wore a classic Levi’s double denim look. And if it works for her, why would it not work for you?

Since the 90s, double denim has evolved from a simple classic look to a versatile aesthetic that can be adapted to any body type and scenario.

For an everyday style, go simple with the classic 90s denim look. For an edgier, updated look, swap the denim jeans for a denim midi skirt and pair it with an oversized denim jacket. Finally, adopt a denim jumpsuit with a pair of black strappy heels for a night out or evening event.

Double denim can be considered an aesthetic for any occasion, so why not get creative and play around with the endless possibilities of different denim shapes, lengths, and eras?

2) Preppy Uniform Aesthetic

With the return of loafers and flat shoes this year, the fashion social media world has also brought back Britney Spear’s ‘Baby One More Time’ schoolgirl aesthetic to morph it with the ‘Quiet Luxury‘ trend.

The outcome is an adorable preppy yet professional aesthetic that, if done correctly, can be a great confidence booster.

For example, pairing a black mini skirt with calf-length socks, a fitted button-up shirt, and a long black coat makes a perfect work or university outfit. It is sufficiently professional to be worn in these environments, yet, it also allows you to show a bit of skin appropriately if you wish.

3) Heading to the New York Ballet

The brand ‘Reformation’ has recently released a sustainable clothing collection in collaboration with the New York City Ballet, and a tutu has never looked cuter.

Tulle skirts and fitted bodysuits. Simple color palettes and ballet flats that will make you feel like a true ballet dancer. However, this style has also been captured behind the scenes of the London Fashion Week, showing that not only can you live out your childhood dreams but that by doing so, you are actually making a powerful fashion statement.

Can you think of a more empowering combination?

tube girl confidence effect
Live out your childhood ballet dreams with Reformation. Credit: Reformation

4) One (anything) Fits All

Following the Double Denim trend, photographers caught a new trend in the making: wearing only one pattern or color.

Not only is this trend incredibly convenient when you are in a rush in the morning, but it is also extremely cool.

Examples from the London Fashion Week behind the scenes show how urban street style can be simple yet edgy. From bright pink patterns to all checkered ‘Clueless’ inspired outfits, there really isn’t a way to get this wrong! And this is exactly what makes it the perfect trend to experiment with and feel confident in while you find your style.

5) Biker Chic

How often have we been exposed to the classic bike helmet hair swoosh in Hollywood movies? And how many times have you seen it and thought, she looks so cool! Well, you will be glad to know you can now easily achieve the same effect.

Since Miu Miu released their black leather biker boots, the internet has been going crazy for the biker aesthetic. Brands like Zara have released more affordable versions of these iconic boots, but they have also gone further, designing leather bomber jackets and ripped, ribbed black tank tops that complete the Biker Chic aesthetic.

Doesn’t a black mini skirt with biker boots and a leather bomber jacket sound empowering?

6) Corporate Slay

Continuing the sequence of monochromic trends: the suit. But like with double denim, the fashion world has developed many varieties of this iconic fit.

Now, women’s suits come in trousers, midi, or mini skirts and can be paired with fitted or loose, simple or patterned shirts, and even with vests and blazers in all lengths and shapes!

There isn’t only one style of suit anymore, and its versatility is the key to feeling confident in your own individual way. Find the type of suit that best suits you!

tube girl confidence effect
Tailored maxi skirt to fulfill your edgy corporate dreams. Credit: Princess Polly

The World Is Your ‘Tube’

Whatever style you try out, remember that the world is your tube! Any occasion and setting is good for experimenting with fashion and finding the aesthetic that makes you feel the most confident. If there is one thing ‘Tube Girl’ has taught us, it’s that what really matters is how confident we feel, not what other people think.

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