WATCH: Man Breaks Rope Jump Record With 1394 Foot Fall

For most people, a rope wouldn’t be enough to get them to jump down over 1000 feet.

But for one seriously dedicated man, a thin cord keeping him from falling to his doom was enough: Carlos Munoz recently broke the world record for static line rope jump with his 1393.7 foot dive. The previous record was 1286 feet.

Check out the footage from GoPro below, which captures all of Munoz’s brief but exhilarating journey:


As far as I’m concerned, he can keep that record to himself. I’m sure the ropes and harnesses are safe, but still, I don’t think I’ll be attempting a rope jump any time soon. I’m content to live vicariously through him and all the other athletes and adventurers featured on the GoPro YouTube channel.

For similar thrills, take a look at these base jumpers as they leap off of a 160 meter high antenna. 

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